Bentonite is a non-metallic mineral with montmorillonite as the main Ultrafine Mill component. Bentonite is known as a universal clay because of its good physical and chemical properties. It can be used as a binder, a suspending agent, a thixotropic agent, a stabilizer, and a decolorizing agent. , filling, feed, catalyst, etc., widely used in agriculture, light industry and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields, so bentonite is a widely used natural mineral material. The original ore is selected and refined to produce special bentonite suitable for ceramic production, which has many advantages.

We can provide customers with high-efficiency, high-standard bentonite ultrafine Mill production solutions, strictly control the product flow, and meet the different needs of different customers with perfect production process. As our most popular product, ultra-fine powder mill can solve the current problem. The bentonite milling industry has low production capacity and high energy consumption. This ultrafine powder grinding machine absorbs the advanced grinding machine manufacturing process in Europe. After the improvement of our company’s engineers, it cooperates with advanced drying, grinding and selection. Powder and other links have reached the world’s advanced level in the field of large-scale industrial milling, bringing huge profit margins to customers in many fields.

The reserves of bentonite in China are all in the world, with complete varieties and wide distribution, covering 26 provinces and cities. The output and export are among the highest in the world. Bentonite is widely used in various industrial fields because of its special properties such as swellability, cohesiveness, adsorptivity, catalytic properties, thixotropic properties, suspensibility and cation exchangeability. However, all applications of bentonite must be processed and milled. To process the bentonite, it requires the support of the mill equipment. With the different requirements for bentonite in many fields, the mining equipment industry has also continuously innovated and improved the mill equipment to make it better for the milling of bentonite. The bentonite powder processed by the good mill equipment has high quality, fine powder, high degree of integration and wider application.

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