Advertising, marketing, and tasks promotions such intimidating especially when you have a multitude of competing priorities. If you want to be one of the best real estate agents in your community and could blame you, there are several more, the cost and easy to perform all the techniques that allow you to sing all the way to the bank. But not take our word for it…

Get the maximum mail: love it or hate it, direct mail can take is enormous rewards for few cents to go the extra mile with an e magnet. Why? Direct mail with a magnet 60% more likely to be opened and read without parts magnets. Add the additional advantage of being seen every day and the choice is obvious.

Do something useful: More useful than is. Provide value to customers and prospects as creating your own information magnets. Traditionally contains useful tips about your business, such as “how to prepare your home for an open house” or “small investments and renovations that increase the value of your home, also marked and is considered a professional value.

Stop the traffic: traffic, promote you and go its own brand cars magnets. With these magnets can be sure your company will see hundreds of curious eyes in the streets day. Made outdoor use, do not worry about fading or peeling.

Wow Open House: When hosting open houses and other related meetings, a note by hand magnetic cards to everyone who walks through the door. As profitable as the traditional business card with the added benefit of being seen, get the most for your money with a magnet card well designed.

Play Hardball: Well, not that kind. Put your name, image and the coordinates of a magnet sports program and be seen throughout season. Whether chooses basketball, baseball, hockey or football, support your team and business with the same brush strokes.

Get Viral: Creating more words in the mouth, for example, place a handful of non-magnetic building framework (which makes them funny, even including a sort of interesting deals on them) to your local community center, hardware, church, etc.! . And see how quickly word spreads. Likewise, take your bid (s) online via Facebook, Twitter and your blog.


Ben Walls at American Real Estate Investments

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