Sand and stone are the main food for modern architecture. Without sand and stone, there will be no modern reinforced concrete buildings rising from the ground. There will be no excellent road surface, subgrade and some new building materials. The development of sand making machine is especially rapid. Speed can fully meet the production demand of sand and gravel, and further consolidate the cement and concrete market. The huge amount of sand and stone used in China has made great contributions to various construction projects in China. Imported German technology to produce high-performance sand making equipment for China’s sand and stone relay. The impact crusher equipment is a kind of high-energy and low-consumption equipment with international advanced level. Its performance plays an irreplaceable role in various fine ore breaking equipment. The impact crusher is the most effective and practical one at present. Reliable gravel machine.

Performance characteristics:
1. double oil pumps are supplied with complementary oil, automatic shutdown without oil, water cooling and heating in winter.

2. the hydraulic opening device makes the repair and disassembly of the crushing chamber easy and quick, and saves time and effort.

3. Set up the vibration alarm device, if the equipment does not work properly, it can issue a warning, so that the equipment stops working, to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.

4. The unique feeding crushing structure can easily realize the conversion of “stone-to-stone” and “stone-to-iron”, which can be crushed and reshaped.

5. unique dust seal system to completely prevent external dust from entering the lubrication area.

6. The optimum impact angle design of crushing chamber material makes the friction between material and vulnerable parts less, prolongs the service life of vulnerable parts, and greatly reduces the use cost.

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