The portable crusher plant can process materials on the spot without removing them from the site, thus greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials. The Portable Crusher Plant is widely used in many fields of material processing that need to be moved: mining, coal and cement industry, the rough ground of hard materials in the mining site, recycling of construction waste, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads, or construction sites. Treatment of surface soil and other materials; separation of viscous and coagulant aggregate; construction and blasting industry; sieving of rock and ore after crushing; stone mining industry; peeling breakup of cement concrete road transformation, crushing of asphalt concrete before regenerating and so on.

The portable crusher plant is integrated with the process equipment such as material, breakage and transmission. It has advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, convenient maintenance, operation cost, stable and reliable work. Relative to all kinds of fixed breakage stations, the portable crusher plant is like a small and medium minitype crushing plant, its working efficiency and operating cost are better than the fixed breakage stations of the same level or higher level.

According to the different machines, the portable crusher plant is divided into coarse crushing, fine crushing and portable screening plant. Customers can choose the right equipment according to their own needs.

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