In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy and modern industry, the demand for ore milling equipment is also growing, the fineness of milling equipment requirements are getting higher and higher, in addition to the performance of the mill itself , In the grinding process, the hardness of different ore is different, which will directly affect the difficulty of grinding and grinding fineness.

In the ore milling production line, are generally equipped with crushing equipment, can be broken on the bulk of the material in the grinding, and thus the size of the broken material will also affect the fineness of grinding, the work must be broken system supervision to ensure that broken Uniform size of the material, and the finer the better granularity, to avoid uneven size of the material and affect the performance of ore milling equipment.

The blade will directly affect the working performance of the equipment, the blade wear, the relative amount of sand will be reduced, resulting in grinding fineness thicker, if the blade wear badly, will directly affect the life of the grading machine, thus affecting the grinding The overall performance of coal. So at work, be sure to regularly check the blade wear, the timely replacement of wear and tear leaves.

In the production of grinding, we must regularly check, pay attention to the correct operation of the production, to avoid affecting the fineness of grinding and mill performance, it is recommended after the purchase of coal mill also have a clear consultation to clarify the equipment performance, Affect the fineness of grinding factors and daily production operations need to pay attention to the problem, so that the correct production, safe production, so that the value of the mill to a large degree of play.

Ore Milling Equipment:

Vertical roller mill can be widely used in cement, power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals and other industries, for the block, granular and powder materials grinding to the required fineness.

The vertical roller mill is more than 20 engineers spend years after repeated design and improvement was developed with large scale production of superfine grinding equipment successfully, it appears to some extent alleviate the pressure of large foreign equipment costs to Chinese enterprises, is the mill industry China more international competitive performance.

Operation control of vertical roller mill
The control of superfine vertical roller mill and its grinding system plays a key role in the long and reliable operation of the system. According to the requirements of process and equipment, vertical grinding is mainly equipped with the following control:
1 、 feeding control of superfine vertical mill feed. The differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of the mill is kept constant by adjusting the feed quantity to reduce the vibration of the vertical mill;
2 、 ventilation volume control. By adjusting the opening of the throttle opening, the motor power of the fan is fixed, so as to maintain the constant ventilation rate of the vertical mill;
3 、 control of outlet gas temperature of superfine vertical roller mill. The outlet temperature of the mill is kept constant by adjusting the opening of the outlet fan of the vertical mill fan;
4 、 roll pressure control. The amount of mill roll pressure can be adjusted according to the amount of feed in the mill;
5 、 control water volume in vertical superfine grinding. By adjusting the amount of water in the mill, the outlet temperature of the mill and the thickness of the stable material layer can be reduced;

Traditional crusher has been plaguing customers and ultrafine mills in Ore Milling Equipment. What are the problems, and what causes it? 1. The finished product is fine or excessive; The solution: the blade of the powder is worn badly, resulting in insufficient air volume, and the choice of powder is poor. The blade should be replaced in time to adjust the fan inlet air volume to solve rough or fine problems. 2. Low powder production; The solution: the blade of the mill is too worn down to shovel the material. Blockage of duct; The leakage of the pipe, the sealing is not good, resulting in the leakage of the finished product. 3. Fan vibration; Solution: the fan is crushed on the blade, or it is worn, causing the fan to run unstable. The anchor bolt loosens, also can cause fan vibration. The solution is to remove the blade or replace the blades directly, and tighten the anchor bolts. 4. Large vibration of main engine noise; The grinding of grinding roller has a severe deformation, which makes the mill run off the original track. The machine is too much for the material. The solution is to adjust the feeding amount to balance the feeding and discharging. 5. The host current rises, the machine temperature rises, the fan current drops; Solution: to excess, the air duct of the machine is clogged with materials, the ventilation and exhaust of the pipe is not free, causing the internal airflow of the machine to be hot, causing the main current, the machine temperature rise high, the fan current down. The feed rate of the solution is to reduce and avoid the air duct accumulated powder, temperature control in under 6 ℃.

The Ultrafine Mill bearing is damaged; Solution: machine broken oil, or sealing ring damaged, lubricating oil effect is reduced, not enough to protect the bearing; The mill maintenance and cleaning are chronically short. So make sure the parts are lubricated on a regular basis. Also should wash regularly, change oil seal. 7. Transmission device and analyzer fuel tank heating; Solution: check the number and viscosity of the oil in accordance with the requirements of the mill. Check the direction of the analyzer. The grinding machine should insist on the maintenance in the normal production, not to wait for the machine fault frequency to think to maintain. The normal maintenance method is to use lubricating oil to strengthen the lubrication effect, effectively reduce the friction between parts, and also reduce the temperature of the grinding machine and prolong the production life.

SCM series micropowder grinding production line characteristics

Among them, the SCM series ultrafine powder mill is our according to the Construction Waste Crusher production experience for many years, absorb the advantage of the grinding machine manufacturers at home and abroad, and after full investigation, research and test of 12 kinds of flour mill and horizontal ring hammer crusher, through research and experiment many times and develop efficient low-cost superfine mill. The product features of ultrafine grinding production line: 1. In the case of the fineness of the finished product and the same power of the motor, the yield of the mill is 40% higher than that of the mill and agitator. 2. The use of vulnerable parts is high. When the material and the finished product are of the same degree of fineness, the service life of the wear parts is longer than that of the impact crusher and the turbine grinder, which can be more than one year. High safety and reliability. Because there is no rolling bearing and no screw in the grinding chamber, there is no problem of bearing and sealing parts. There is no problem of screw loose and damage machine.

Sand washing machine is a kind of equipment, which can be used by sand making machine. The sand washing machine can wash away the small amount of powder and impurity from the sand mixed by making sand, so as to improve the quality of sand. Sand washing machine adopts advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic sand industry developed efficient sand washing equipment, it has washed height, reasonable structure, high yield, less loss of sand sand washing process, especially the transmission parts are separated from water and sand.

Sand washing machine work area
Sand washing machine is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, hydropower and other industries cleaning, grading, impurities and other services of fine grain and coarse grained materials washing operation. Construction sand, gravel, roads are still in proper use. The sand washing machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large processing capacity and small power consumption. All closed oil bath type transmission, adjustable overflow weir plate, to ensure that the product’s efficiency, durability, cleaning, dehydration effect, and maintain stability.

Sand washing machine working principle
The work of sand washing machine, motor, reducer gear reducer driven by V, after the slow rotating impeller rushed in sand tank, in the impeller, rolling, grinding, eliminate impurities gravel drive over each other, and the destruction of the steam is coated with a layer of sand, water for dehydration; and at the same time, sand washing machine to create impurities and foreign leave from the exit, washing tank overflow discharge to complete the cleaning effect. Clean sand and gravel, by the end of the blade, disappeared in the impeller from the outlet, rotating gravel, gravel cleaning effect completed.

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