Grinding mill is a device that processes materials to a certain degree of fineness. The Grinding Mill can be divided into ultrafine grinding, fine grinding and coarse grinding according to the fineness of the material and the fineness of the material. It is suitable for the grinding of mineral products in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and mine.

According to the different working principle and structure of the mill, the common grinding equipment has vertical roller mill, Raymond mill, Medium Speed Trapezium Mill, ultrafine mill and so on, users can choose flexibly according to the different demand of production and fineness.

LM Vertical Roller Mill
[feed granularity]: 38-55mm
[production capacity]: 10-128T/h
Application area: it is suitable for grinding materials in cement, power, metallurgy, chemical industry, ore and other industries.

MTW Trapezium Mill
[feed granularity]: 30-40mm
[production capacity]: 3.5-25T/h
[application]: MTW Trapezium Mill is widely used for grinding and grinding products in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.

XZM Ultrafine Mill
[feed granularity]: 30mm
[production capacity]: 4-13T/h
[applicable materials]: Feldspar, calcite, talcum, barite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite, slag, water slag, activated charcoal, dolomite, fly ash, clay, bentonite, gypsum, graphite and other inflammable and explosive materials under 6%.

The so-called Construction Waste Crusher is able to partially or completely replace the less efficient ball mill cage to undertake the rough grinding task, thus improving the energy efficiency of the grinding system, shortening the residence time of the material in the ball mill and excessive stress exerted by the large steel ball. , favorable to reduce the phenomenon of agglomeration and excessive grinding; can use pre-grinding equipment to deal with hard and brittle blocks, and then with the soft easy to wear fine material together to the mill fine grinding, so that the distribution of raw materials or cement particles more Uniform, reducing the difference in chemical composition between the granule components. But also applies to the technical transformation of some small cement plants, when the phenomenon of kiln grinding is not balanced, in the absence of funds, only increase the crusher to break the generation of grinding, improve the efficiency of grinding, in order to meet the needs of the capacity of the shaft kiln to play .

Pre-pulverizing Construction Waste Crusher can be applied to roller presses, fine-breaking jaw crushers, hammer crushers, large-scale construction counter-breaks, and vertical shaft impact crushers. Roller presses appeared in 1985. It has different combinations with ball mills. The output can be increased by 20 to 100% and the energy consumption can be reduced by 10 to 40%. Roller press products have a wide particle size distribution and the particles have a width of 8 to 30 mm. The amount of fine powder depends on the size of the pressing force and the conditions of feeding. It usually accounts for more than 20% of the 32um, and it can also be adjusted to 80% of the 90um. The ball mill only plays the bulk and the final fine grinding and control The effect of particle shape and particle composition.

The inadequacies of the equipment are complex equipment, high investment requirements on the conditions of materials, domestic machinery structure material is still in development, the roller is easy to damage, maintenance is difficult and costly, so the place where the industrial technology level is not high should be Choose carefully. Fine crushing jaw crusher main problem is uneven product size uniformity, often with large long-sized particles appear; hammer crusher, impact crusher is a major shortage of hammer head wear and tear, unit product power consumption is higher, generally in the 2-1-3kwh/ton product above.

Raymond mill as the main grinding equipment for ore dressing production line and flotation production line, has high grinding efficiency, can be used for dry grinding and wet processing, and can be used for grinding of ceramics, bauxite and other minerals. When purchasing equipment, the focus of attention is on the quality and price of the equipment. How much is the price of the mine Raymond mill?

1. general users in the investment purchase Raymond mill equipment, the price comparison process only see in front of the front, here to correct, in consideration of the price of Raymond mill, the initial investment is only a part, the later cost also need to join the calculation, so that the overall price of Raymond mill.

2. the price and the level of Raymond mill are usually closely related to the following factors. First of all, the quotation of Raymond Mill in the factory area is analyzed in recent years. Although many manufacturers of Raymond mill are all over the area, the price of Henan Raymond mill is still lower than that of the manufacturer of Raymond Mill on the premise of quality assurance; in addition, the price of the same-sex factory is different from the Raymond mill. The middleman quotations are generally higher, and the direct manufacturers offer cheaper prices, and the big manufacturers will also make up their specific prices, which include only the single price of the mill equipment, or the maintenance and installation costs that may be involved in the later period. This will be more specific to the users, which are more conducive to the investment of the users, such as the world state. Industrial Science and technology group is quoted in this way; second is the influence of market condition on equipment price, when the market competition is fierce, the range of price selection is more space, and the price of unit Raymond mill equipment will be a little more expensive when the market is in short supply; after that, the influence of the mill equipment itself on its price is large. Small, quality, old and new, etc., but here is much more.

3. in general, the price of Raymond mill equipment ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of prices, to ensure that the investment spent on Raymond mill is valuable, and the life of Raymond mill is improved. Raymond Mill investment is not only determined by the initial investment, but also determined by the high and low cost of the later production. In recent years, the energy saving Raymond mill has a certain energy saving effect, so it is favored by the market customers, and the price is not expensive.

With the continuous progress of scientific research and technology, the engineering of many industries has become simple and money saving, the sand stone Department of orthopedics industry is also the same, especially the advantages of high efficiency Sand Making Machine have been praised by many customers. However, the traditional sand production line has complicated process, tedious process, low efficiency and high cost. Therefore, the sand and stone aggregate production line developed by the mining equipment enterprise is well solved.

First, the process is short. Traditional sand production line needs jaw breaking, cone breaking, counter attack breaking and sand making machine, and high efficiency sand making machine can save a crushing link and sieving link, and the grain shape of finished product is good and the thickness is uniform.

Secondly, the adaptability is strong. The crushing equipment in the traditional sand production line has the adaptability, such as the hammer crusher, the rock hardness is large and the cone crusher or the impact crusher are used. The adaptability of a production line is also very limited. The efficient sand making machine is more adaptable to stone hardness, whether it is quartz stone, pebble, granite or limestone or coal.

Finally, save money. As we all know, the aggregate production line is not only good for finished products, but also efficient in equipment and saving in production cost. Not only a top two devices can be used to reduce investment cost and high efficiency, but also create more wealth value for customers.

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