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XZM ultrafine mill production is not only the introduction of international advanced production technology of superfine powder, especially in combination with the research foundation of China demand for the production of ultrafine powder. XZM ultrafine mill is a kind of superfine powder processing equipment and equipment for efficient, technical content is relatively high, the production level is very high in the production line and made a great contribution to the powder production line production efficiency.

XZM ultrafine mill can produce the material range
XZM ultrafine mill not only in terms of processing capacity has made great improvement in the structure of the equipment has also made great efforts, the equipment structure is very strong, the material production range can be greatly extended, can be used for the production of marble, dolomite, ceramics, clay particle size is 30 mm in size materials, equipment production capacity between 1.8 to 6.5 tons per hour, providing good raw materials for the production of building materials, chemical industry etc..

Advantages of XZM ultrafine mill
The body and the base of XZM ultrafine mill in the design of the equipment adopts flexible connection, which can effectively avoid the vibration of the grinding cavity to the body, analysis mill, and improve the efficiency of the powder selecting precision equipment, and also adopted the bypass powder collector, greatly improved the powder collection efficiency of equipment. The equipment has also been improved in terms of automation. The frequency converter is adopted in the analysis mill, which makes the automation of the equipment much higher;

The base of the equipment is made of high strength and anti vibration ductile iron, which makes the equipment excellent in vibration reduction and shock resistance, and also uses overload protection device to make the equipment run steadily.