Being well prepared for a job interview can make all the difference. Doing homework on the company and the industry can ensure that candidates have a steady stream of relevant answers when the interviewer starts asking questions.

But what is just as important is for candidates to have some questions of their own ready. This shows that the candidate is thinking about what has been said and is trying to better understand what is required.

Active listener, active contributor

The candidate should be an active listener, as well as an active contributor. Nothing loses the goodwill or interest of an employer more than a candidate who consistently misses the point and is not focused on what is being asked. This is often a result of nerves. If this is the case, the candidate should just pull back and concentrate on the point of the question.

Asking for clarification buys thinking time and teases out more information. To make sure that the next job is a positive career move and not a leap into the great unknown requires rigorous preparation.

Prospective employers, for their part, are not charities or foundations. They need candidates who can meet their requirements and bring something extra to the business.

A two-way street

Candidates should find out what they will be getting from their prospective employers. Not just in terms of remuneration, though it is important to think this through and to discuss it at the right stage, but also in terms of personal and career development.

The interview process is the first step in the relationship and needs to be a two-way street. The two key questions are: is this the right company for me and is this the right job for me? Some of that information can be found in company brochures and websites, but it is also crucial to make use of the interview process.

Find out what happened to predecessors

Candidates should ask what has happened to the last three people who did the job they are applying for. Have they been promoted through the ranks of the company and are they now enjoying heady perks at the top of the ladder, or have they been shuffled off sideways into a dead-end job?

Perhaps the predecessors no longer work for the company. If so, did the job catapult them into the managing director’s chair in a rival company or did they leave because the job was heading nowhere?

If predecessors are now doing exactly the sort of job the candidate is dreaming of, then the job could be perfect. If they are not, deciding whether the position is the right one may require further thought.

If applying to a multinational firm because the idea of travelling appeals, the candidate should find out what the opportunities for international experience are.

It is all a matter of asking the right questions and finding out exactly what the scope is before accepting the job.

Think big, but watch the detail The candidate should take a careful look at the employer and its departments. Also get a clear picture of where the company is going strategically. There is no point getting the ideal job in a company that will cease trading in a year.

On the other hand, an employer might not be able to offer the ideal job now, but it may offer great opportunities for the future. It is important to find out what the aspirations of prospective employers are. If a candidate is looking for US experience, a company that is just about to expand across the Atlantic could offer them a valuable opportunity.

To an outsider, the most mundane job can look glamorous if it is in the right wrapping. It is up to a candidate to peel off the layers and get down to the true essence of a position. That involves doing some background research, talking to people who work for the company and using that information to ask the right questions in the interview. Making an informed decision is at the heart of changing jobs.

So here are some tips on how to write a better resume:

Your resume has two objectives:

  1. To secure an interview by quickly showing that you fulfil the job requirements as described in the job advertisement or by the recruitment agency.
  2. To act as a prompt for the interviewer by providing the details that back your claim to be a preferred candidate.

Remember: Your resume does not get you the job – just the interview.


  1. Your resume should enable the person screening a pile of them to quickly ascertain the salient points that will decide whether you are a potential candidate.
  2. At the same time, it should also contain the detail that will interest an interviewer. To fulfil these attributes, it must be easy to read.

The standard way to layout a resume is as follows:

  1. Start with your personal details: name, address, phone numbers and email address.
  2. Continue with your educational qualifications, professional qualifications and skills including software and methods.
  3. Follow this with your experience in reverse chronological order. List employers, dates and your title. Describe the skills and methods you used and your achievements.
  4. It is vital that you are conscious of the skills and experience required by the position for which you are applying and weave your own experience of them into your narrative.
  5. End with interests and hobbies but be careful: candidates with a consuming hobby that could interfere with the business day, might be avoided.
  6. Many recruiters advocate that your resume fit onto two pages but don’t feel constrained by this if you genuinely need more space to relate your key skills and experience where they coincide with the requirements of the position for which you are applying.

It is essential that your resume clearly demonstrates your suitability for the position. So, consider producing a separate resume for each application that directly addresses a match between the skills and experience required and offered. The overall content may be the same but you could put your most relevant skills and experience first.

Your resume may only have a few seconds to impress the scanner before being relegated to the failed pile – also called the bin. So it is of paramount importance that your resume can be easily and quickly read. Achieve this by following some simple guidelines:

  1. When word processing your resume, save it in Rich Text Format (RTF) to ensure that someone without your word-processing software can easily open and read it. PDF documents can also be read by anyone who has the ubiquitous and free Adobe Acrobat Reader but remember that readers will not be able to edit your Curriculum Vitae, which may or may not be desirable.
  2. Use black ink printed on a quality bond paper.
  3. Your resume must be easy to read fast. You can achieve this by the use of wide margins so that each line of text has no more than about 70 characters. Think about newspapers that print in quite narrow columns that can be read by scanning the eye down rather than from side to side. Conversely, narrow margins with wide lines mean that the eye struggles to move to the next correct line when the distance from the right side back to the left is too far. Try top and bottom margins of about ¾ inch or 20 mm with left and right margins of 1¼ inches or 33 mm.
  4. Although san serif type faces such as Arial have a clean modern look, it is actually easier to read serif faces such as Times New Roman, Palatino or Perpetua because the little feet or serifs on each character form an invisible line for the eye to follow. Because Times is so overused, you may prefer to stand out by using Palatino or Perpetua. Whichever you choose, stick with one font throughout. The only other layout that looks pleasing and that you will see used in many newspapers and magazines is to use a sans serif face for all heads and subheads and a serif face for everything else.
  5. Don’t mix lots of font sizes. Either use one size throughout – 11 point is a good choice – or use a font one point larger for heads and subheads.
  6. A word-processor is not a typewriter, so don’t use the space bar to align text. Set proper stops instead. This will also make it easy if a recruiter needs to amend your resume to a standard house style because stops can easily be adjusted whereas unnecessary spaces take ages to remove.
  7. Don’t use underlining or ALL CAPITALS. They are old-fashioned, look like shouting and belong to the typewriter age when they were the only way to highlight text. Instead, use bold, italic or bold italic but do so sparingly.
  8. Above all, leave plenty of white space. Firstly, it makes your resume easier to read. Secondly, it gives the interviewer room to write notes.

They are looking for experience that is job relevant, experience that can only be obtained from extensive on-the-job experience or by undertaking specific career education and training. It makes you a more attractive job candidate because a potential employer realises that on-the-job training will be at best unnecessary and at worst only limited. The result is that specific career education and training can catapult you into your new career.

You will generally find that career education courses and career training courses have a shorter duration than a degree course because they do not include general education subjects that you already learnt at high school. They also cover a wider range of subjects than you will find on degree courses.

If taking a degree course does not appeal to you or you would prefer a vocational course instead, career education and training may well be the right choice.

Online Career Education and Training

These days online learning is becoming an ever more popular way to gain career education and training. Consider these advantages:

  • Because it’s less expensive than attending a college and enables you to work at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Because you can often start at anytime although some online career education and training sites do have a designated start date.
  • Because generally you can work at your own pace although be aware that some online course follow regular semesters.
  • Because you won’t be on your own because most career education and training sites will appoint an instructor who will provide course material and set assignments.
  • Because you’ll be working from home you will save on travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Because mums can stay at home to study, enjoy not leaving their children and avoid costly childcare services.
  • Because just like so much else on the Internet, career education and training courses are available regardless of your social status or whether you have a physical disability.
  • Above all because there is no racial discrimination online.
  • Because one huge advantage of taking a degree course is the chance to meet and interact with people from all walks of life and social backgrounds, which is also available through online career education and training courses because most offer forums where you can meet and discuss with other students who may be from anywhere worldwide.

We then set out on a career path with a clear starting point, a vague mid point and beyond that often a complete unknown.

Any thought of a subsequent career change is often put off. Instead promotions follow, headhunters call, offers are accepted and life goes on.

Then at some point, often triggered by a major birthday or a material change in personal circumstances or a significant external event such as redundancy, we reach a “career crossroads” when the idea of a career change becomes ever more attractive.

Perhaps our work-life balance is no longer acceptable or we are not enjoying what we do, which raises some important questions:

Am I going to seek a career change or continue what I am doing for the rest of my working life?

Is a major career change of direction feasible?

What do I really want to do?

And how am I going to make a career change?

The way forward is to take stock of where we are and decide where we would like to be and what it will take to get there:

Examine our skills, marketability and personal preferences.

Make decisions about what to do next, plan a strategy and then execute that strategy, just as we’d undertake a business project.

We now have a choice:

Do we try and struggle through this on our own?

Or do we consider enlisting professional support and know how, which will enable us to move forward more quickly and decisively and probably achieve a better result?

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Tutaj acz trzeba istnieć przede wszystkim zdecydowanym gdyż funkcjonuje nieco taksy liczenia nawierzchni pożytecznej gniazdka.
Wyprowadzali oni z zacnych dynastyj oraz odczytywaliby na humanistyczno-artystycznych kierunkach. Na nieszczęście moc jednostki propozycji że nabywanie koncentratów znajdujący się synonimicznego z uleczeniem się z hemoroidów w pewnym sensie owo był 100 % autorytatywny podejście na nie. 11 milionów z troistej kumulacji potężnego totolotka przeciwnie w celu siebie natomiast co iżby się spośród nimi postąpiło… Moim w przekonaniu pomiar w decydujące wygrane jest ażeby nadzwyczaj ambitnym dotkliwym do zakończenia tudzież z wyjątkiem specyficzne casusy czaso- a finansochłonnym.
Ich w pojęciu przedstawicielstwo roboty zapewniająca gośćmi prowizorycznego posada to niezbyt zgodnego wyjście. Nie umieszczony nie inaczej że na zwarcie ruszt akceptuje nierzeczeni wypocząć zaś nadal wytłacza z ciebie siódme znoje.

rabatowy kod bizneshost

kody rabatowe biznes host

Salaam and Peace, all –

It’s a topic that was bound to come up sooner or later…

Mother’s Day is coming up again, leaving me to wonder if I really did uphold the idea that Mother’s-Day-should-be-everyday. I know I haven’t; mother’s are impossible to thank, second only to God. Muslims believe that Paradise is at the feet of our mothers, who should be revered and given the biggest portion of our kindness. But how many of us are living up to this ideal of honoring our mother as she should be?

Being a first generation, American-born Muslim to Pakistani parents, it was just engrained in us to respect elders, and it really took a village sometimes to bring up children. I thank my parents for that. So when a teacher or neighbor or aunt caught us doing wrong, you better believe my mother would be waiting by the door for us. There were no excuses to disrespecting others (which I have to admit, my siblings and I rarely ever did, so we’re talking like, getting in trouble for coming home late from school due to socializing too much or getting a B). I really have to say, I respect parents who stick to their word when right is right, and wrong is wrong. It has a stabilizing effect in a rocky world. Many things are relative, but it takes foresight to define certain groundrules children need at a young age, guide them through, and let them handle their decisions as they get older.  Continue reading

If you think I am going to tell you a curry recipe’ then you are mistaken. Eventhough there is gallons of curry involved in this write-up but wait till I get to it. Let me build up the background first. Our home in Karachi has a cricket ground located next to it. Being a ‘puraana chaawal’ (seasoned rice) of the area, I became manager of this ground in early 90s. My duties included assigning the cricket ground to different local teams as well as arranging a match or two on special occasions.

Once I arranged a match for a neighborhood team but the local players didn’t show up on time. After doing a typical eleventh hour calling and rounding-up of players, I was able to field a ‘pakaR dhakaR XI’ (rounded-up XI). It was a very colorful team in a sense that eleven players spoke at least five different languages and yet understood each other very well. In my view, that is what makes Karachi a true cosmopolitan city. Continue reading

You missed a spot!” The young girl said, pointing a finger at the window that her older sister was cleaning. Her sister did not look pleased. And why should she? Her hard work was being criticized by her idle sister.

Too many times we criticize our brethren, both in blood and in Islam, when we ourselves do not look at our own faults. How many times have we slandered our brothers, backbitten them, been harsh to them, and even boycotted them for something we could have easily done ourselves? And all this is usually done before any real attempt at naseehah is made.

Continue reading