RABAT (Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s north African wing threatened revenge against France for launching a “war” against Muslim women who wear full burqas that cover them from head to toe, according to a Web statement posted in the group’s name.

French legislators expressed concern this month that more and more Muslim women were wearing a burqa or a niqab which cloaks the entire body, sometimes leaving a gap for the eyes.

President Nicolas Sarkozy said the garments were not welcome in France because they are a symbol of the subjugation of women.

“Here is France mustering all her capacity, mobilising all her institutions and organising her ranks to wage a perfidious new war against our sisters who wear the niqab,” said the statement posted on a Web site used by al Qaeda supporters.

It said the French were committing these injustices “at a time when their denuded women … flock to our land and occupy our beaches and streets, outrageously defying the feelings of Muslims”.

It said France’s campaign against the burqa was tantamount to “religious terrorism” and was an incitement to a hatred that would only grow.

“This is why we call upon all Muslims to respond to this hatred by another that is more ravaging, we call upon them to confront this French obstinacy,” the statement said.

It said Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb vowed “before God not to be silent in the face of these provocations and injustices and do all in our power and take revenge at the first opportunity against France and its interests wherever they may be found, for the honour of our daughters and our sisters”.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is the remnant of an Islamic insurgency that raged through former French colony Algeria for most of the 1990s.

When I was a lad of 13-14 I used to have a pet dog. I called him DoDo. Not that he resembled any bird or something, it just sounded nice to me. Dodo was an interesting character. Like most of the pets he picked up some human habbits. However once he showed a really peculiar behaviour. I don’t know if he picked it from humans .. or its the humans who pick it from them (the dogs i mean).
Once I took Dodo for a walk in the park. It so happened that another dog was also there in the park and was rather big, at least bigger than my Dodo. The devil barked at him and tried to challenge him. Dodo behaved as if nothing had happend, as if he did’nt hear anyone barking. I urged him to pick a fight but he just ignored. I was a bit disappointed.
Anyhow when I came home our ‘brave’ Dodo stumbled upon a dust bin with some papers in it and boy he went mad on the dust bin. He tore apart the papers, barked at it and bit the dust bin too. As if he was showing that he is a ferocious creature and once angered can go to any limits to tear apart his rival. This behaviour really amused me and my family. He was probably trying to overcome the embarassement he faced in the park, due to the other dog. Well, interesting story, isn’t it, but whats the point? Ah forget the point and why must I always try to make a point. However, read these news items and make a point yourself .. if you can!!!
COAS [Gently] Asks US to Stop Drone Attacks
Striking Down Drones Could Trigger War, says Rao Qamar
And Lastly,
COAS Flies F-16, Takes Part in Operation

plane-cctvThe email sent by Assad Sarwar from an internet cafe in High Wycombe to an account in Pakistan in the summer of 2006 was meant to sound innocuous. With its reference to “Calvin Klein aftershave” costing “80 quid”, its contents were crafted to meld seamlessly into the blizzard of data sent across cyberspace without attracting undue attention.   In reality, what looked like email trivia was one of dozens of coded updates sent by Sarwar, a restaurant delivery driver and the quartermaster of the liquid bombs plot, to the overseas jihadist masterminds of the conspiracy to cause carnage on an “unprecedented scale” in the skies above North America and the mid-Atlantic.  The “Calvin Klein aftershave” was far from being a business opportunity. It was code for hydrogen peroxide hair bleach, bought by Sarwar from a Welsh hairdressing supplies wholesaler, which had been concentrated by Abdulla Ahmed Ali, the charismatic ringleader of the British cell, to the 80 per cent purity required to turn it into the key explosive to be used in the attempt to simultaneously destroy at least seven airliners. Unbeknown to both men, their visits to public telephone boxes and internet cafes in Walthamstow, north-east London, and Buckinghamshire between January and August 2006 were the subject of Operation Overt – the biggest surveillance operation in Britain since the Second World War – as dozens of MI5 and undercover Metropolitan Police Special Branch officers painstakingly tracked the conspirators’ every move. Continue reading

On Sunday 24th May 2009, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab Damatbarakatuhum said during his bayan at Darul Uloom Karachi, that one of Mufti Sahab’s Buzurgs saw Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) in his Dream. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said in the dream, that Pakistan might soon be caught in an Azaab(punishment) from Allah(SWT). Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, in the dream, that the people of Pakistan should recite Surah Shams at least 70,000 times to avoid this Azaab(punishment).

Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab Db has asked everyone to recite Surah Shams as much as possible and also to recite Ayat e Kareema frequently.

Hazrat Mufti Sahab has also asked people to spread this msg to as many people as possible.

You can listen to the Audio file yourself.

Pakistanio Kay Naam Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab Ka Aham Peghaam (VERY IMPORTANT)

Sunday 24 May, 2009 – Bayan after Namaz e Asr at Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi by Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Sahab Damatbarakatuhum

Please spread this message to other Pakistanis

Jazak Allah

SULTANWAS, Pakistan (AP) — When Pakistan’s army drove the Taliban back from this small northwestern village, it also destroyed much of everything else here.

F-16 fighter jets, military helicopters, tanks and artillery reduced houses, mosques and shops to rubble, strewn with children’s shoes, shattered TV sets and perfume bottles.

Commanders say the force was necessary in an operation they claim killed 80 militants. But returning residents do not believe this: Although a burned-out army tank at the entrance to Sultanwas indicates the Taliban fought back, villagers say most fighters fled into the mountains.

Beyond any doubt is their fury at authorities for wrecking their homes — the sort of backlash the army doesn’t want as it tries to win the support of the people for its month-old offensive against the Taliban in Pakistan’s northwest frontier region near the border with Afghanistan.

“The Taliban never hurt the poor people, but the government has destroyed everything,” Sher Wali Khan told the first reporting team to reach the village of about 1,000 homes.

“They are treating us like the enemy,” he said as he collected shredded copies of a Quran from the ruins of a mosque, one of three that were damaged, possibly beyond repair. Continue reading

A powerful bomb ripped through a police complex in the city of Lahore on Wednesday, claiming at least 30 lives and injuring some 250, the first major attack since Pakistani forces launched an offensive against the Taliban.

A car bomb outside a police emergency call center and the adjoining city police headquarters, at 10:30 a.m. local time, reduced the buildings to rubble. Dozens could yet be found under the debris. The local office of Pakistan’s premier spy agency, Inter-Service Intelligence, located nearby, was also badly damaged.

A month ago, the army started an operation against Islamic extremists in the north west, in the Swat valley and neighboring districts. Commentators had previously expressed surprise that there had been no big reprisal so far. Lahore, the main city of the country’s most populous province and a metropolis regarded as the cultural heart of Pakistan, suffered two terrorists attacks in March, one on a visiting cricket team and another on a police academy.

“I believe that anti-Pakistan elements, who want to destabilize our country and see defeat in Swat, have now turned to our cities,” Interior Minister Rehman Malik told reporters.

KARACHI, Pakistan (AFP) — Shops in Pakistan’s volatile financial hub Karachi closed, witnesses said, after nationalists called a strike to protest the arrival of refugees from the conflict-hit northwest.

The Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) movement, which promotes the cause of natives of southern Sindh province, opposes the influx of ethnic Pashtuns fleeing a military offensive in three northwest districts.

Pakistan’s security forces are currently locked in battle with Taliban militants in the Swat valley, and more than 1.7 million people have fled the conflict-hit region since the assault began late last month.

“We don’t see it as just an issue of helping the displaced people,” said Abdul Wahid Aresar, who heads the JSQM.

“The motive behind their arrival in the southern-most part of Pakistan from the north is to marginalise the native Sindhis, which we will resist.”

Residents of Karachi said that only a small number of the displaced were arriving in the financial capital, and most were staying with relatives.

Tensions between the Urdu-speaking Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) — a partner in the national government — and Pashtuns from northwest Pakistan who flock to Karachi looking for jobs are traditionally a source of unrest.

Late last month, armed ethnic clashes between Pashtuns and Urdu-speaking groups in Karachi killed at least 34 people.

A leader of the MQM, which has a powerbase in the city, said they did not back the strike action, but voiced concern at the handling of the influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs). Continue reading

By Ed Johnson

May 26 (Bloomberg) — Pakistan appealed for increased international support for more than 2 million people displaced by fighting in the northwestern Swat Valley, as troops tried to clear Taliban insurgents from the region’s biggest city.

Other nations, especially the U.S., should do more to help the relief effort as winning the hearts and minds of affected civilians is essential to combating extremism, state-run media cited Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani as saying yesterday.

Pakistan says it may need $1 billion to rebuild property damaged in the fighting. International donors, including the European Union, Canada, China and Japan last week pledged $224 million, according to the government in Islamabad.

Troops are trying to clear as many as 1,500 Taliban militants from Mingora, the main city in Swat, as the military battles to regain control of the northwestern district. The government offensive began four weeks ago after the Taliban advanced toward Islamabad, flouting a February accord that introduced Islamic law in the northwest in return for peace.

The Obama administration has criticized the accord, saying militants threaten the stability of the nuclear-armed nation and endanger American security.

Gilani met yesterday with U.S. Democratic senators Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Mark Warner or Virginia and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, the official Associated Press of Pakistan reported. They discussed the Swat conflict and U.S. assistance to the nation, APP said.

President Barack Obama has said an aid package to Pakistan worth $1.5 billion a year would be conditional on the government tackling Islamic extremists.

Pakistan’s military said yesterday it secured Swat’s Maalam Jabba ski resort, which militants were using as a training and logistics base.

Security forces say it may take several days to clear Mingora of militants. The military says it has killed about 1,100 insurgents in the Swat, Buner, Lower Dir and Malakand districts since the offensive began. More than 50 soldiers have died, it said. Casualty figures couldn’t be independently verified.

“Dehshat Khan” sitting somewhere in his cave, oiling his guns and listening to ‘FM’ radio. His mind is crystal clear about his deeds and beliefs. No shadow of doubt or an attempt of self analysis ever crosses his mind. His religious thought deeply entwined with his local customs is devoid of sane religious and worldly thought. He acts fearlessly and even, mercilessly.

Captain “Hero Malik” trained in the elite army school, filled with pride and sense of superiority. His organization is the “most honest” and “patriotic” institution of the country. Obeying his superiors is not just his professional etiquette, its his way of life. He never flinches before he acts upon what is ordered. He too, never thinks before and after any command he carries out. The success of mission, his primary goal and the integrity of his deeds, never shaken or even questioned.

Be it Dehshat Khan or Capt. Hero Malik, both seem to be just puppets. With their strings in the hands of a puppeteer. What do we know about their puppet masters, they are behind the scenes. Do they have a same puppet master? Or they have different masters who sometimes shake hands and sometimes just stay aloof. What do we know? We are just watching the puppet show, where Dehshat Khan and Capt. Hero Malik are trying to fight the hell out of each other. Their masters are orchestrating the show perfectly and we, are just watching the show … just watching the show!!!