ramadhan2009August 23 will be the first day of the Holy Month Ramadan as the moon was not sighted on Friday, according to the Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee.

Interacting with media person, Hilal Committee chairman Mufti Muneebur Rehman said the holy month of Ramadan or Ramzan will begin on Sunday as no authentic evidence about sighting of the moon had been received.

The Saudi Arabia observed first day of Ramadan on Sunday. The date differs due to visibility of moon in different country. India and Pakistan will observe the first day of Ramadan on Sunday.

However, some of the clerics have said that August 22 will be the first day of Ramadan.

Hilal Sighting Committee of North America is the authentic organisation to determine the moon sighting. The committee was constituted to help the Muslims to sight moon and inform the exact date of Holy Month.

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Pakistan's flag
Pakistan's flag
The fourteenth of August was technically the Pakistani day of independence, but Pakistanis found little to celebrate this year; many citizens expressed their fear that their independence is gradually but surely being eroded away by American interventionism in the region. Just a few days ago, the Americans announced that there was a high probability that the CIA had killed Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban. Certainly not many Pakistanis will shed tears over the Taliban’s slain leader: recent polls indicate that support for the Taliban in Pakistan has dropped to less than five percent.. In fact, the majority of Pakistanis (80%) view the Taliban as a crucial threat to their country, and a similar number (78%) support their own government’s military campaign against the Pakistani Taliban. One would think then that Pakistanis would be grateful to the Americans for eliminating the top Taliban official in their country. Continue reading

Commencement of the examination of the impact of the cupping their assets according to rigorous scientific hundreds of patients who were suffering from various diseases who underwent the process of cupping the right.Noted the results of the medical team in his absence Ghraib shocked, surprised the results were great, ranging from full recovery or improvement in different proportions of most of these diseases.

Doctors medical record statistical data of patients before starting the application of cupping them
Members of the medical research team headed by the Syrian scholar and thinker, Mr. Abdul Kader Dirani

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Some might wonder what is the secret that lies in the cupping of this simple surgical operation to address chronic diseases have bedeviled masters of modern medicine, but in the eyes of a simple mechanism to the movement of the blood, we can see the benefit of cupping, are fully aware of their usefulness.

Blood circulation system consists of a pump (the heart), arteries and veins and blood components

The blood of a world wide and his staff functions and objectives of that course of life and the lifeline of communication, he believes with all members and provide them with fuel and take the waste and provide them with immunity and defense.

This device is very complex thread of great importance at times of weakness and inactivity, and sometimes other diseases striking them.From its white blood cells, which represent the body of the defense against a aggression.

Numbering (4-7) Corpuscle million cubic meters in the meal.

It is also the components of blood: red cells, which has a population of about (5) Corpuscle million cubic meters in the meal, which is the transfer of oxygen necessary for the production of energy to all cells and tissues and which take carbon dioxide.

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So that by the application of its scientific cupping the right you must be scientifically and medically qualified and should be familiar with the laws of cupping in terms of timing and place of application in the body, and the knowledge of the conditions must be followed before and after cupping to be able to recommend Mahtjm and prepare them for the morning of cupping.

All you need is:

Kasat cupping glass form known by the name of Basmy (Kasat air).Sterile surface of the wounds, none of the disinfectants, except for alcohol because of its susceptibility to combustion.
Lamp flame to ignite the paper cones which will be cupping Cup.Or we can use a candle.Blades Mchart ready with the sterilization of medical advance.The code used for each patient individually and then destroyed afterwards.

Ready sterile dressings (sterile gauze). Or sterile cotton wool. Oqma wrapped in a paper cone of a size suitable for easy inclusion in the hole cup after igniting. The scraps of paper Ahadjam preparation before cupping and wrapping in the suppression of the cone paper journals for easy flash.

1. In the morning on a process of cupping simple, takes off his clothes Mahtjm the person to remain naked the upper back and sit back a normal standing (Mitrava on the legs, or as the situation that the rest of his body). It must be pointed out that the atmosphere of the room where they were being moderate cupping warm not cold, because cold affects negatively the process and reduces the withdrawal of blood after finishing the Withers. Consequently, the lack of usefulness of cupping.

2. Identifies the place of the application of the doctor Kasat Withers in the air (which is certainly the only region that can be made by cupping), a neighborhood located between the shoulder on both sides of the backbone as a refill is installed in two cupping Mtnazerin for the spinal column and directly over my head, inspired by the shoulder, so much Havta Alkosin Ambasslitin horizontal line connecting the head to prevent the shoulder or the top of the line approximately one and no more.

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Cupping is working to bring about a kind of tension in the blood Withers (between shoulders) of the body, especially the use of cups made of glass, known as the (Kasat air) of the abdomen and neck puffed slightly prolonged abdominal diameter smaller than the regular round-ended slot.

Winners demonstrate Withers in the glass before the start of finishing to create tension in the region and the compilation of the damaged cells and the blood of impurities

This was the old and the glasses taken centuries hollow for some animals, or plants are made of solid hollow Eden. Such as wood, bamboo, branches (if the people of China).

Have evolved subsequently to the cups made of glass by hand for ease of cleaning and disinfecting and transparency, which allows the blood to see Hjam extracted from Amahgom.

Winners see the glass transparent to allow the amount of blood extracted

These glass cups are applied to burn a piece of paper cone-shaped form, in the suppression of any preferred securities to be a newspaper the size of the flash can be easily inserted in the barrel of the glass used.

Repression is a paper cup in the cupping glass, which at the height of fires, pasted directly on the back

After the introduction of cone paper cup use just burning inside the barrel to the bottom of the cup directly on the shoulder (Withers). Cone carry this burning burning a large part of the air inside the cup.

This decrease in pressure occurs Vimits skin and drawn from the barrel of the glass a little to modify the drop in the cup and as a result, congestion of blood is applied.

The attraction of the skin and the heat a little high (which result from the combustion of leaflet inside the cup) and expansion occur in the superficial Aiia Withers between the shoulder by the installer cup cupping, where blood is also attracting increasing Tewardh to this region.

And contributes to the survival of cupping Cup long enough attractive to the skin to prevent the involvement of blood accumulated in the circulatory system of some kind.

Beyond the superficial Ahadjam finishes, available in this region Mahtguenp of the skin (removal of the cup) sharp sterile blade Party. Of course, taking into account the full terms of the process of cupping other timely quarterly and monthly, daily, age and physiological status of the body.

Place finishes in the surface tension sterile blade

Medical devices we use in the application of the scientific process of cupping the right way, do not complicate the simple and the cost of material is very simple. All you need is:

1.cups cupping a known (Kasat air), made of glass by hand and available markets.
2.Medical Sterilizers used for surface wounds.
3.jellyfish or a candle.
4. Oqma and easy to burn paper.
5.sterile medical gloves.
6.sterile medical codes completely.
7.pack of cotton gauze and medical Sterilized.

Amahgom able to address the kind of food is easy digestion and assimilation Kalkhaddar, fruits and sugars.Usually applied Mahgomin submit to the authority of vegetables mixed with pieces of bread nuggets reddish oil and vinegar, which is what is known as (Alvetoc) when accompanied by the people of Sham dish of olives.

Prefer to deal with the person in accordance Mahtjm of vegetables after cupping

Important note: address is prohibited Kaljbn milk and milk products, milk and cream and cooked dishes with one of these types throughout the day cupping, namely: for his day and one night only, because the milk and its derivatives often lead to nausea and vomiting, are working on the disturbance in pressure, leading to damage and, in general, the richness of our negative effects in the body after healing Bahadjamp achieved.

Mahtjm refrain from dealing with human milk and its derivatives throughout the day until the next day cupping

Cupping should be conducted on an empty stomach.Said, may Allah bless him and grant him salvation:”cupping at the saliva, which represent the healing and blessing”.
Thus, one has to deal with any Mahtjm summit on the morning of Hjamth, but remain fasting until hunger by and may deal with a cup of coffee or a glass of tea, because the amount of sugar in them can not be a need for complex digestive processes that could move the blood and lead to the revitalization of the session the blood and the influence on blood pressure and heart. Furthermore, this small amount of tea or coffee with the simple nervous stimulant makes one receives cupping awakening.
It forbade peace be upon him from eating before cupping as this activates the digestive system at work, and thus stimulate the circulatory system to conform with the operations of the digestive equal, each heart beat and blood flow is active and the pressure rises and this leads to move the idle and retired from circulation in the sediment surface of blood vessels The deeper the Withers (accrued during sleep).

Cupping to be on an empty stomach may not deal with any food, even before the summit, one

As well as in food distribution resulting from the active digestion of blood in order to convey all these foods and body tissues of this situation is not suitable for cupping, and if there were cupping such circumstances, the blood factor is extracted, as well as the benefit that we have lost one of the cupping Mahtjm also suffers from dizziness or fainting simple result of reducing the blood of the brain.

Cupping four dates: the annual and quarterly, monthly and daily.

1- Annual deadline:

Said, may Allah bless him and grant him salvation: «Yes, usually cupping».

If it is from year to year, usually for both the right and the patient, because it is true for the prevention, treatment and patient Voukaip.

2- Quarterly date:

Said, may Allah bless him and grant him salvation: «Seek heat Bahadjamp». Because the heat is in the summer, Vahadjamp necessarily be accepted, in the spring.

For example, we in Syria have the spring months (April and May) each year.

At the onset of spring Tqlm removal of excess trees harmful to allow for the growth of new young shoots, as well as cupping in the spring of each phase blood Coaibh adverse inhibiting the activity of the body and Vijadded immunity

But before we begin Baltooil scientific (physiological) for this date. We offer a simple overview of the function of blood in the organization of body temperature:

As is well known is the vast proportion of water in the blood (90%) of blood plasma and, since the basic characteristics of water, in particular, to distinguish it from other fluid known in nature makes it the best means of Assistant to the temperature of the body in the organization of the organism. These characteristics include: the ability to store a high temperature above the ability of any means or another solid material. Consequently, stores water temperature acquired by the tissue while it is active in the warmer, and he carries with him to the other tissues least during the warmer parts of the body movement between the different. Continue reading