Construction waste crusher is a new ore crushing equipment in the field of mining machinery, it sets the coarse crushing and fine crushing and conveying in one, eliminating the production site, topography and complicated facilities to users crushing and processing work brings the obstacle. Construction waste crusher is a simple, efficient, energy saving equipment, crushing and processing work on Construction waste, bluestone, limestone, granite and other materials, wide application prospect.

With the development of economy, the construction of building, high-speed rail and other infrastructures and buildings are becoming faster and faster, and the construction waste crusher is becoming more and more important to the preparation of sand and gravel. Sand mill crusher in all walks of life, especially in the construction industry more and more influential.

Advantages of construction waste crusher
1. crushing technology advanced, mature, unit configuration, equipment division of labor is clear, safe and stable operation, easy operation, maintenance and repair.
2. the set of vehicle base is higher, the turning radius is smaller, so that equipment can travel flexibly in the mine area, more conducive to flexible construction operation in the region.
3. the unit integration is strong, coordination is good, the overall layout is more compact, can save a lot of operation time and space, investment cost is low.
4. the configuration of the construction waste crusher using a unique principle of static pressure, the material of the crushing effect is good, the two isolation design, reducing vibration, yield and efficiency of ultra high.
5. construction waste crusher price is reasonable, quote below the market price, the overall cost performance is very high.

For those who do not know the Construction Waste Crusher industry, to be familiar with some mining equipment, it is probably the way to search the data.However, the authoritative information of the information is not supported by a solid background, and opinions vary widely.As a senior mine equipment practitioner, I will be able to explain the mine equipment to you in the future in accordance with my own personal contact and understanding of the equipment. Today we will introduce one of the equipment: straight-through mill.

Straight through mill, also known as centrifugal direct Construction Waste Crusher. The straight-through centrifugal pulverizer adopts the principle of pressing and pressing in medium speed. The material is free falling from top to bottom, and the grinding roller grinding ring, middle and lower parts of the grinding roller are more and more uniform.Ingenious design makes iron bolt, iron into the grindability materials such as will not cause damage to the machine, and timely to these materials may be grinding discharge machine, to avoid damage to the machine.

In modern society, the more things the more professional segment, in the same way, in general SCM Ultrafine Mill industries such as common building materials, chemical industry, ceramic, will need to use a lot of fine materials such as thermal power, so investors can put business opportunities in the fine material above, therefore, straight through the centrifugal mill series was born.Speaking of fine material, have to mention the development of flour milling industry, the root of the mill can be traced back to the 1850 s, the original is Raymond mill, as the changes of The Times, flour variant more professional, more and more segmentation, coarse grinding, fine grinding and the micro powder grinding meet different actual requirements, in all of the grinder, straight through the centrifugal mill when machine belongs to the star, compared with the traditional mill, the unique internal design greatly reduces the energy loss, but also improves the production efficiency, at the same time, cover an area of an area small can greatly reduce the cost of investors, in fact, it covers an area of only 50% of the Raymond mill.

So where to buy this quality machine? We are a company specializing in the production of flour milling machine manufacturer, ZTM straight through the centrifugal mill is their best selling goods, has been proven in many places, the outstanding performance to make it have a lot of fans, from the feedback of investors learned that just because the machine performance is stable, more thoughtful and professional service will win so many customers, broken mill manufacturers lack in China is the like this always put customer interests as the first spirit.Believe that after the change of the social various, in the near future, through the development of the centrifugal mill will be more humane, more accord with investors to use habits, we will focus on research more convenient mill to adapt to the changes from all walks of life.

Sand making machine is suitable for crushing, plastic, soft or hard and super hard materials, sand making machine is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum where soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag the following small series, the faithful will introduce you to the sand making machine note.

Sand making machine maintenance notes:
1. the daily maintenance of sand making machine is essential, must regularly make sand making machine get enough downtime, and to observe the internal wear sand making machine regularly, if worn should be timely replacement or repair. In addition, note that in the normal process of making sand machine, must not open the observation, so as to avoid dangerous accidents.

2. sand making machine at work 400 hours should be adding grease to work 2000 hours to open the spindle assembly bearing cleaning, if work 7200 hours after it must be replaced with new bearings.

3. The driving force of the driving triangle belt should be adjusted properly so as to ensure that the triangular adhesive tape should be selected in groups and the length of each group is as consistent as possible. Should adjust the two motor current difference of not more than 15A.

4. in the process of work, because the sand making machine belongs to the high-speed operation of the equipment, should pay special attention to safety. Staff should be away from the equipment, if you need to repair the machine, it must be power cut before you can operate.

Sand making machine must pay attention to routine maintenance and maintenance. Only reasonable use and maintenance of sand making machine can ensure the production efficiency of sand making machine.

The European version of ultrafine mill is a new type of ore milling equipment, this type  ultrafine mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, road construction, water conservancy and Hydropower industries. It is an ideal equipment for processing quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, iron ore, barite and bentonite. However, do you know why ultrafine mill is the ideal equipment for processing these materials? What are its special advantages in the processing of these materials? Below we will share the European version of ultrafine mill performance characteristics and advantages.

1. Europe version ultrafine mill machine adopts frequency conversion regulation
The engine speed is controlled by a frequency converter, simple and convenient adjustment, accurate speed, controllable material sorting, adjusted according to the requirements of material properties, different fineness and yield of the ultrafine mill play a larger efficiency and better operation, effectively reduce the energy consumption and wear.

2. the ring pressure device of ultrafine mill mill is external
The external regulation of the mill ring pressure regulating position is provided for the external regulation of the outlet, and the maintenance is convenient, and the tedious process of disassembly and adjustment is avoided, the time and effort are saved, and the maintenance and the maintenance cost are greatly reduced.

3. ultrafine fine mill machine and design of split variant for human body
Ultra fine mill machine and airframe adopt vertical fission structure to avoid resonance, enhance operation stability and improve service life of the product.

4. super fine mill adopts multi port combined heat collector
Multi port combination powder collector European version of ultra-fine mill, six sets of powder mixed into the two body, select and collect more effective fine powder products, to avoid the two mill powder can not return to the mill chamber from the fan, so as to improve the efficiency and dust separator.

Ore Milling Equipment:

We rely on years of experience in grinding mill production, and independently design and develop new vertical roller mill. The appearance of vertical roller mill makes it possible to complete superfine grinding, classification and transportation at one time. Now it has become the equipment of superfine milling industry and widely used in chemical, metallurgy, non-metallic minerals and other industries.

LUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill has many advantages:
1. It uses the principle of vertical abrasive layer grinding to prevent excessive grinding. Moreover, the particle size of the finished product is less than 2 mu m, the particle content is high, up to 70%, and 325 meshes are low residue, and the product is more suitable for separating the finer size products from the two times, thus ensuring the good quality of the finished product.

2. the special design of roll sleeve and lining plate grinding curve makes the mill can be grinding to the required fineness, greatly improve the grinding efficiency, its productivity is ordinary powder equipment 3-6 times.

3. because of the principle of superfine grinding and long powder selection, it can save energy consumption from 30% to 50%.

4. more use of PLC/DCS automatic control of roller pressure control mode, grinding pressure is accurately controlled, saving labor costs.

5. green mining equipment is becoming the development direction of the machinery industry, we has been the development of green products in the core areas, sealing the whole paragraph mill equipment system works under negative pressure, no dust, clean environment, will change your impression of crushing and grinding dusty spot.

In the ultrafine grinding mill manufacturing specifications according to the application requirements of different industries on the market of ore and ore materials, different kinds of ore materials after processing of ultrafine mill can be applied to various industries, and the effect of grinding in many industries are also satisfy the customers, with the market of ore materials more and more applications, without ore material type is gradually grinding and the use of different applications in various industries have different types of ultrafine grinding mill with different processing capacity, these are modified according to the different needs of the market.

Ultrafine mill has different needs in different industries, ore materials, more and more applications make the brand more and more mills, as the market needs of mill customers provide more choice almost, different mill brands have different modes of production and grinding effect, it also brings problems for customers, these are we need to explain to customers, to choose suitable grinding machine has a better effect in production.

In the choice of ultrafine grinding mill, the need for the corresponding analysis, such as ore itself specifications, grinding capacity of processing equipment, the demand of the market, these are in the choice of the need for appropriate analysis and choice in the market can be used as an important basis when compared to select for different ore materials. On the market demand, we can analyze the, then the corresponding modification of the milling equipment, so that it can be processed and production more effectively in the market.

With the demand of the Construction Waste Crusher industry, the more and less fineness of the target product, the more and more difficulty in the crushing and classification of the crusher, and its research depth is endless. At this time, the 1250 super – fine grinding mill produced by Shanghai world corporation started the new thinking of mill development, which can achieve the effect of superfine grinding. The following is an interview with technical experts to help you learn more about the company’s latest superfine pulverizer.

What prompted your company to develop a 1,250 superfine shredder? It is our mission to improve Construction Waste Crusher efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The key of ultrafine pulverization is the equipment, so we will develop new ultra-fine pulverizing equipment and its corresponding grading equipment. What is the technology of the 1,250 fine flour processing equipment produced by your company that is different from the existing shredder? Development of multi-function ultra-fine crushing and surface modification equipment. Such as super fine crushing and drying process, ultrafine crushing and surface modification, the combination of mechanical force chemistry combined with super fine crushing technology, can expand the application scope of superfine comminution. It is said that your company’s newly developed 1250 eyes super fine crushing has good crushing effect, do not know that the equipment also needs other supporting equipment? Our company developed the new superfine mill using superfine crushing and classification equipment is combination of closed circuit process, can improve production efficiency and reducing energy consumption, on the basis of qualified product granularity. Although the equipment can crushing effect independently, but we in order to better meet the super fine requirements of customers, production 1250 mesh mill in particular, the combination and 1250 mesh superfine mill, makes the comminution in combination with the most advanced crushing grinding powder production line.

Is there any other type of SCM Ultrafine Mill besides this model? The superfine grinding machines produced by our company and the classification equipment meet the specific material characteristics and product specifications, and the specifications and models are diversified, not only the type of crusher. Above is the author of technical experts of ultrafine pulverizer some interviews, we can see: ultrafine pulverizer is most has the development space is the use of advanced electromechanical integration technology and computer control technology. Although the market competition is very fierce at present, the enterprise can promote the improvement of the overall level of the equipment by grasping the automation technology and strengthening the technological innovation.

Ore milling machine in continuous improvement and development, ore milling equipment with high efficiency, low energy consumption, small space, low investment, has the advantages of no pollution, so it has been widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, various industrial fields such as fuel grinding and processing, especially for various non – metallic hard stone, etc., the main material yes, calcite, limestone, clay, iron oxide, barite, marble is a piece of cake, and can ring mill processing, because the water content will directly affect the yield and efficiency.

If the material is too wet grinding material will lead to difficult, sticking, blockage of the pipe and the outlet is not smooth and other issues, therefore, the same type of mill in the production of hard materials will generally yield than the ointment of soft materials, large production equipment is introduced in the purchase of ore milling equipment when manufacturer is based on material the yield determined.

Milling equipment is not only because the price is cheaper, more reason is mill using unique manufacturing process energy consumption is greatly reduced, compared with other industries of machinery and equipment investment, benefit Gaoleimeng machine adopts high efficiency turbine classifier, perfect structure, high production efficiency. Three ring installed baghouse grinding, bag material, dust collecting effect can achieve the effect of environmental pollution, milling equipment has the advantages of convenient installation, fast production can be adjusted, mobile two not mistake, in the service of society at the same time, increased the age of rapid development pace.

High quality sand making machine is an ideal equipment of artificial sand. Sand making machine is suitable for soft or hard and super hard materials, such as iron ore, copper ore, cement, sand, fluorite, limestone, slag, etc..

The design is novel and the work efficiency is high
The unique feed crushing structure, with various type of crushing chamber, to achieve a “free conversion rock stone” and “hot stone”, makes the finished grain type excellent gradation is reasonable, improve work efficiency.

The product has uniform particle size and excellent grain shape
The finished product is cubic, the grain shape is good, the gradation is reasonable, and the fineness modulus is adjustable. The utility model is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping, and the effect of sand making and shaping is improved by 30% compared with the traditional equipment.

Automatic detection, safe and reliable
The equipment has been installed with a vibration display and alarm device. If the equipment is not working properly, a warning can be made to stop the equipment and achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.

Self circulation device, efficient environmental protection
The vortex chamber within the unique flow of air circulation device, thereby reducing the efflux of air, dust removal equipment, and can be equipped with various specifications less dust, low noise, can not only reduce the dust pollution, but also can improve the work efficiency.

Quartz sand is a hard, wear-resistant, chemical stability of carbonate minerals, the Mohs hardness of 7, is an important industrial production of mineral raw materials, in glass, ceramics, casting and refractory materials, etc. Vertical roller mill is an important milling equipment, in the quartz sand of the mineral processing process plays a necessary role, the mill equipment liner as its main components, often by the ball and quartz sand continuous impact and grinding, how In order to extend the use of liner time?

Vertical roller mill in the actual production, on the one hand need to pay attention to the size of the feed, for the quartz sand feeding particle size as much as possible, you can use the equipment in front of the mill and other equipment on the material fine grinding, The probability of wear will drop, the second is to feed evenly, so as to avoid the equipment does not have the situation, this situation will cause the equipment in the running ball and liner will have a more dramatic impact on the liner wear serious.

As the vertical roller mill liner at high temperature its mechanical properties have undergone great changes, prone to deformation, will cause the liner wear. Therefore, the temperature adjustment within the equipment must pay attention to, for example, can strengthen the ventilation within the mill or use a more efficient cooling system.

Vertical roller mill in the processing of quartz sand, the first material to keep the material below 2%, to prevent its high temperature and more water under the conditions of chemical reaction, is the liner from corrosion; followed by the quartz sand into the grinding temperature to pay attention , So good to keep below 50%, so that the use of vertical milling machine will be longer.