Ultrafine mill is a common ultrafine powder processing equipment, it is suitable for raw material, gypsum, coal and other materials, fine powder and ultra-fine powder processing. The ultrafine mill pulverizer works directly with the ore when it works, so in actual production and use, the wear of the equipment is very fast, which affects the economic profit of the user. So, how to improve the wear resistance of the superfine grinding machine powder machine?

The applicable material of the superfine grinding machine is mainly about 7 moth hardness. When the equipment is running, the flour mill mainly depends on the grinding roller and the grinding ring to grind the materials. When they are repeatedly contacted with the material in the grinding process, the pressure and friction will be more frequent, and the temperature of the contact surface will also continue to rise. Therefore, in order to improve the wear resistance of the ultrafine pulverizer, the wear resistance of the grinding roller and grinding ring should be guaranteed.

The wear resistance of grinding roller and grinding ring is mainly reflected in its toughness and hardness. So, how to guarantee its toughness and hardness? On the one hand, it should be made of high wear resistance, high hardness and high toughness. Not only the grinding roller and grinding ring, other accessories superfine grinding machine powder machine, such as blade, blade frame, bearing, gland, nut etc. to ensure the material hardness and toughness. On the other hand, it is necessary to adopt advanced manufacturing technology, reasonable casting and heat treatment process is the key factor to ensure its service life. In a word, the use of qualified materials and the formulation of reasonable production technology are the necessary conditions to ensure the wear resistance of ultrafine mill.

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