Does every post or every comment by the editorial staff or by the guest writers reflect the opinion of the group as a whole?

Absolutely not. Every author has editorial freedom to discuss pretty much any topic he or she wishes. Ultimately, each writer has sole responsibility for what he or she posts.

Do you moderate comments? Delete comments?

There may be some level of initial moderation to eliminate trolls and offensive commentators. We reserve the right to delete any comment or group of comments at any time.
In general, we will not remove comments that are simply not in agreement with our views. However, comments offensive to Islam or the Prophet (S) will likely face the axe. Other comments that could face sudden death are those that are extremely personal without serving any apparent benefit, abusive, insulting, foul or completely off-topic. In general, takfiri comments when applied to individuals from the ‘mainstream’ Muslim sects will not be tolerated, regardless of how much we disagree with these individuals.

We also reserve the right to edit/delete comments that can lead to or even have the semblance of encouraging or commending violence. In the world we live today, it is better to be more sensitive to these issues than to be lax.

Do you endorse every article or resource in the links provided?

Whether the links are provided on our “Connect-ions” page or within posts, or within comments, in general we exercise no control over the contents of these websites. We endorse only what we say we endorse if the link is specific to a certain article or resource. For those websites linked in “Connect-ions”, we recommend them being good ‘mostly’, but cannot sanction every bit of information in them, neither take any responsibility for it.

What about defammatory comments, liabilities?

In general, we have the right to remove any comment that can become potentially defamatory, especially from a legal standpoint. Regardless, by commenting or posting on, the commentator take full and ultimate responsibility for their statements and any consequences that arise from them.

Can I write for you? I have a tip for an interesting blog entry?

We will accept submissions and will choose to publish them on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in becoming part of the staff, let us know, and we recommend that you comment often and start submitting entries. Eventually, the talent will shine through, and we will not hesitate in expanding our team inshallah. For submission and tips, use the “Contact” button.

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