Sand carried along diversified, and many have come out of the Sand. Sand And these are not short through improvement and promotion are mtw molino trapezoidal so many customers know. Today Hwaseong heavy machine developed by the new Sand, sand is particularly crushing for some of the work of moderate-intensity material. The new link is the impact Sand Sand principle and layout crusher made to carry 10 out, has a strong impact crusher crushing sand can, by virtue of generous plate of sand and gravel crushing hammer disposal. And out of the sand shaped particles produced good worth of sand and gravel production line has been to prepare the preferred crushing sand production line equipment, and Impact Sand is based on low-wear, high-speed impact, impact crusher for crushing sand after secondary crushing stone, produced out to 3-5 mm gravel, sand is mobile stone crusher machine the most ambitious of the current equipment. While both devices and features, we developed is not short of Sand crushing principle and improve the production layout, and then let the strengths of both devices rolled into one, and now only the latest type of crusher. For more information about the new technical parameters and Sand quote Quote I will provide you with the most professional supplying gravel and sand making production line equipment.

Cone crusher is more widely used crushing equipment, good crushing capacity and efficient production efficiency, bring great benefits to entrepreneurs. However, in the crusher in the process, its efficiency There are many factors that affect, closed side discharge opening of the apparatus still has some influence, specifically what impact? See the following presentation. First: product size. When the closed graphite beneficiation plant cost side discharge opening size is small, cone crusher produced more uniform particle size, the quality is good; otherwise finished size is not ideal. Thus, the closed side of the discharge port is one of the major impact of the quality of the finished product; second: finished production. For the same type of cone crusher, side discharge opening and closing the smaller the size of the crusher, the yield will be small; on the contrary will increase. Therefore, closed side discharge opening will cause mobile stone crusher machine some roller crusher for sand making influence on the yield of the crusher; from the above that can affect the content side discharge opening and closing of the cone crusher product size is inversely proportional to the quality and yield, Therefore, the user must be adjusted during operation cone crusher according to their actual needs and strive to achieve maximum benefits.

pulverized coal gangue hollow brick production is relatively new wall materials preparation. After preparation of a pulverized coal gangue brick factory system into production, crushing system we found there is a big technical problems and process defects, resulting not work correctly. Thus, the plant’s process of crushing system and related equipment for anatomical analysis, and developed a transformation plan.

First, the former crush System Process

crushing system main function is to use mechanical means of crushing and screening, coal gangue will ≤80mm bulk materials, processed into powder ≤1mm fines. And timely delivery to the crowded brick equipment 39t / h powder amount required to form a continuous scale of production. Before the transformation process in the following figure.

Mobile Screening Crusher Plants

The process uses two broken plus screening system, with a crushing jaw crusher, the particle size of less than 40mm; Artificial Sand For Construction two with a crusher, the particle size of less than 5mm, 1.5mm and over vibrating screen screening process.

Second, the original crushing system Problems

1, low-efficiency crushing equipment. As the grinding system, the core equipment, crusher discharge size ≤5mm, production capacity of 20t / h. The actual fines production only reached 6.2t / h, combined with the loss of vibrating sieve, and truly meet the requirements of the manufacture of hollow brick ≤1mm yield up to about 5.5t / h.


2, the system is running loop material overload. This is a ground transportation system gradually increase the load increasing circulation system. With the increase boot time, the material on the device piled up, the grinding and transportation equipment overload the back of a heavy burden. Final shutdown due to overload, excess material processed manually, so that the production line can not function properly.

3, the process of improper equipment layout. The crushing system invested a total of 30 sets of equipment, equipment crowded, narrow space for maintenance, transport links clouds, many loading point, sound and light signal control posts and more complex operations. And pulverized building design does not consider lifting equipment and facilities, causing great difficulties for equipment installation, maintenance, inspection and management.

4, crushing system dust pollution. Crusher, vibrating screen dust is the main point of the whole system, the original design of the wall, so that the staff can not enter the examination, operation, clean-up work. Also, because the whole crushing system equipment, combined transport equipment did not set dust control measures, so that the whole system is broken smoke filled the plant, the working environment is very bad.

Third, rehabilitation programs crushing system

1, to change crusher hammer Stone Crusher In Rajasthan crusher. After testing, hammer crusher is more suitable for crushing hard gangue degree, and more suitable for processing fine-grained material, which the particle size can be used directly in brick, will not take shaker screening.

2, a simplified process flow. To solve the problem of increasing circulation of materials, the original secondary crushing process was changed to primary crushing, a corresponding reduction in the number of units of other equipment, crushing system after the transformation process as follows: coal gangue → reciprocating machine (homemade) → belt (Ingredients use) → hammer crusher (made six) → → scraper conveyor bucket elevator belt → → → biaxial mixer aging pool.

3, reduced equipment. The new process reduced to 30 devices 14. Transportation equipment, conveyor belt by the seven was reduced to three, the original four scraper conveyors, 3 units bucket elevator is now only one of each reserved, reproduced point reduction 9. By optimizing the equipment, the total installed capacity was reduced from 445kw to 324kw, job cuts set up, easy to operate, easy to manage, crushing system also greatly reduced the amount of equipment maintenance.

4, in order to reduce dust pollution, the addition of grinding dust collector system, implementation of the whole system equipment sealed. Raw materials into the crusher before installing a single ingredient belt after crushing transported by sealed scraper conveyor, ensure that the chute, pipeline and loading point no leakage, no leakage of dust, better control the dust problem.

Through the above optimization improvements, all the problems faced by the plant primary crushing system solved, while reducing power consumption, greatly reduced the intensity of work, staff positions have also been reduced, greatly reduce the cost of inputs; on the other hand, not only does not yield affected, but greatly improved. Visible, after the plant technological transformation, significant economic benefits. Crushing machine for producing the above system is applied to various types of equipment, interested, please call the hotline for details of the consultation, visit or direct purchase.

cone crusher stone machine, mainly used for mining stone crushing, widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, and other industries. Different properties of cone crusher in the application in different production lines which, for crude materials broken, broken, broken bits are used to get it. Usually associated with vibration motion to constitute a complete set of production line feeding equipment, screening equipment, washing equipment, putty powder vertical mill transportation barite ore processing plant equipment. Application crusher stone crusher production line, river gravel crushing production line, mineral material crushing production line, industrial milling the primary crusher, quartz sand crushing production line, Jianzhuyongcai crushing, construction waste, thermal power plants material handling, iron ore junior broken and so many fields. SBM After 20 years of accumulation of technology, we can provide a variety of models of production line design, manufacture, install a full set of services. Growing together with customers. 1 roll crusher for mineral processing, chemical, cement, building materials and other industrial sectors and tertiary crushing all kinds of medium hardness ores and rocks following purposes. 2. Composite crusher used in building material, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry broken limestone, clinker, coal and other minerals, its compressive strength of not more than 140 MPa humidity less than 15%. Compound crusher features: large production capacity; crushing ratio, low energy consumption; tightness, smooth operation; easy maintenance. 3. The cone crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of stone brittle materials minerals. Material to be broken coal, salt, white and Asian, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, limestone. The compressive strength of the material does not exceed 100 MPa, humidity less than 15%. The jaw crusher has a crushing ratio, even granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, operating costs and economic characteristics. This series of jaw crusher is widely used in many sectors in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries, breaking strength not exceeding 320 MPa of various materials. 5. counterattack crusher can process the side length of 100 to 500 mm for the following materials, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, with a crushing ratio, after crushing the material was merit cubic particles. Impact crusher is suitable for crushing hard materials, such as cement limestone crushing, with the production capacity, the advantages of small size discharge. 6. Sand [impact break] main features: 1) Sand (sand making machine) is in the nineties the development of new, stone crushing equipment, is currently the world’s widely used barium sulphate vertical mill to replace cone crusher, roller mill, ball mill models. 2) structure is novel, unique, smooth operation. 3) Sand (sand making machine) energy consumption, high yield, crushing ratio. 4) devices are small, easy to operate, easy installation and maintenance. 5) Sand (sand making machine) is capable of shaping, the product was cube-shaped, large bulk density. 6) the production process, the stone can form a protective bottom to wear and durable. 7) Sand (sand making machine) a small amount of easy to wear pieces are made of special hard wear-resistant material, small size, light weight, ease of replacement parts.

2 Processing methods: injection of lubricant to the bearing, clean the bearing, check and replace the seals, replace the bearing
Raymond Mill 1. Cause: The drive belt loose
1. Cause: The Raymond Mill multi-slot gland is stuck
Failure Friday: the screen frame lateral vibration
2. Processing: Adjust flywheel
shaker occur during working many issues, there is a problem is to have a reason, if you find a problem shaker will know how to solve the problem, I will tell you the following shaker error-prone areas, Where reasons, but also how to solve?
1. Reason: mesh sieve clogged, increasing the screen fragments into the sieve material moisture increases, feeding uneven, the material layer is too thick, the screen pull Debu tight
2. Approach: Reconfigure, balance shaker
1. The reason: lack of lubrication bearings, bearing blockage, bearing wear
2. Processing: Adjust the rope to reach the force These are the uniform
failure Six: When running suddenly stopped
2. Treatment: stop inspection, adjustment and replacement
2. Approach: Update bearing, blocking tight sieve, tighten the screws, replace the spring
failure Eight: swings big
Failure raymond mill three: bearing heating
2. Approach: tension transmission belt
1. The reason: poor installation or with flywheel weight loss
shaker common faults, causes and treatment.
Failure II: shaker running slow
1. Reason: a hanger and a wire rope discontinuity
1. Cause: Different sizes eccentricity
1. reasons at work: bearing wear, mesh pull Debu tight, bearing screw loose, spring damage.
failure Seven: makes unusual sounds
Xinxiang shaker Factory Ltd.
Fault IV: vibrations are too severe
shaker relatively common problem, of course, there are some precautions such as attention screen usage, can not take the load when the job starts, shaker feeding should be uniform, when pressed on the screen can not stop feeding and other issues.
fault: screening efficiency and reduce
2. Approach: reduce the shaker load, change the screen frame angle, adjust the feed, reducing feed, tighten the screen.

Dressing guru at the international level, said the choice of ball mill grinding material specifications and size are all have a certain relationship, the greater the material particle size, the ball should have an average diameter large. Thus, the mill complete with a large diameter and complete with a small diameter grinding body is not suitable, we must ensure both must have the ability to impact, there must have grinding capacity in order to achieve high-quality, high yield, low consumption purposes.
Raymond Mill ball mill grinding efficiency ratio beneficiation production impact, but how about the specific situation, many people still do not know of. Recently organized many well-known experts to conduct mineral processing equipment in the mineral processing industry with regard to the ratio of ball mill influence discussions.
In general, the material in a ball mill grinding process is running, the start block of the greater need of larger diameter steel ball impact crusher. With the block for smaller, Xiaogang ball grinding materials required Raymond Mill to increase the grinding capacity of the material are. In the same amount of grinding load all cases, reduce the size of grinding, grinding can increase the contact area, improve the grinding capacity.
ball mill diameter the size and quality of the fit is called Cone Crusher grinding grading, grading is determined mainly by the grinding of materials are based on physical and chemical properties, structure and mill product fineness requirements and other factors, so the ball mill grading directly affect the yield and grinding mill consumption.

Our country is the first country in the world to discover the magnet and also among the first groups to apply the magnetism. The domestic magnetic separator becomes popular crusher companies in world on the global market.
The modern magnetic separation is divided according to the magnetism of the mineral particles. And here is how the magnetic separator works:
1. When the mineral particles and the gangue particles go through the magnetic field, they move in different tracks in the action of the magnetic field because of their different particle magnetism.
2. Attracted by the particle magnetic power, these minerals attach to the cylinder of the magnetic separator and then will be raised to certain height.
3. Finally, they are crashed away from the magnetic field under high pressure small scale gold beneficiation machine from the cylinder.
4. Sometimes, the non-magnetic materials are not attracted in the magnetic field, so they can’t attach to the cylinder of the separator. In this case, in the end we will get two kinds of products: the magnetic products in the concentrate box and the non-magnetic products in the tailings box.
We all know that the magnet can be divided to the natural one and the artificial one. The former also includes two types: the permanent magnet and the electromagnet. The difference lies in the composition. However, the permanent magnet is the most popular one and we use it to make the permanent magnetic separator which is widely applied in the ore beneficiation plant.
Being applied widely in many industries, the magnetic separator is clay brick making machine in india used to realize the resource recycling of many industrial materials.

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