European version of Construction Waste Crusher will produce some different degrees of problems after long-term use. Unreasonable use will cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, in order to ensure that the European version impact the subsequent normal use, it is necessary to know about the European version. Impact equipment maintenance knowledge:

Do a good job in the European version of the counter-friction of the friction surface lubrication. The grease used in the European version of Construction Waste Crusher should be determined according to the conditions of use, temperature, etc. Generally calcium-, sodium-, or calcium-sodium-based greases are used, and an appropriate amount of grease is added every 400 hours of work. Regularly check the internal parts of the machine for wear. If it is found that the central infeed pipe, cones and other parts of the machine are seriously worn out, they should be replaced in time. Also note that the weight, model, and dimensions of the replacement parts must be replaced by the original part parameters.

Regularly adjust the tightness of the belts of the European version of the impact equipment. When driving with two motors, in order to ensure the uniform force of the conveyor belt, the triangle tapes on both sides should be grouped and matched so that the length of each group is as uniform as possible. If you find that the belt wear is too severe, replace it in time. . Make sure the crush plate is assembled correctly. The service life of the crush plate is directly related to the working efficiency and production cost of the European version of the impact equipment. As the crush plate and the material are in direct contact, the crush plate must be firmly attached to the counter plate, and the soft metal (such as iron, zinc, etc.) is used as a gasket pad between the crush plate and the counter plate. Flat and bolted.

Jaw crusher equipment in mining, construction and other industries have a more widely used, but a lot of customers in the course of jaw crusher equipment will encounter larger equipment vibration, This will not only cause greater noise also It will affect the work efficiency to a certain extent. So in the face of such a situation when we have to roller crusher for sand making do the damping jaw crusher work, how to do what we have to white stone quarry crusher look at it together and grinding machine manufacturers Heavy Industries.The first and most common method is to take shock measures, crusher equipment placed as far as possible if the mtw molino trapezoidal plane had to be placed in the floor, isolation and response measures to be taken.Secondly, when the crusher should pay attention to add material exceeds a predetermined size or not can not be broken material into the crusher equipment, crusher workload so aggravating, damaged parts of the device, but also cause noise and vibration.Another is to pay attention to the daily work using a jaw crusher maintenance and repair, the discovery of small problems to deal with in a timely manner without delay. Do not let the small problems become big failure.Article ‘What damping jaw crusher work should be adopted? ‘From Heavy jaw crusher manufacturers, reproduced please indicate the source:

Currently the most commonly used is the cement rotary graphite beneficiation plant cost dryer, its structure and properties of yield and quality, thermal efficiency is very prominent influence, let’s focus on the interview from rotary dryer cylinder aspect ratio, speed, and lifting plate tripartite On some of the issues related to the structural performance rotary dryer.

First, the rotary dryer cylinder aspect ratio

At present, the commonly used rotary dryer simplified aspect ratio is generally between 5 to 8. Rotary dryer drying aspect ratio on the yield and quality of materials, thermal efficiency has a great influence. When a certain tilt angle of the rotary dryer, speed, flow rate, lifting plate structure, residence time in the rotary dryer cylinder body depends mainly on the English aspect ratio.

First Water and its properties

Material dried to the desired final moisture required length of stay and the material such as plastic, particle size is too small and so on. Beginning of the rainy season in the south higher moisture material, especially for some of the larger plastic clay, using the rotary dryer, the residence time is shorter. Or that material deviation from the final moisture; or have to reduce production and increase the flue gas temperature, flue gas to reduce the moisture content to ensure quality. This is not just the problem of declining production, but also led to a reduction in thermal efficiency. Because stone crusher machine for sale south africa white stone quarry crusher the material is too small, the average fill rate is too low material rotary dryer, rotary dryer will inevitably lead to the thermal efficiency decreases.

appropriate to increase the aspect ratio of the rotary dryer to extend the material in the rotary dryer residence time for drying moisture, plasticity and larger particle size material is advantageous. Practice has proved that this method helps to improve yield and quality, while coal consumption decreased, the thermal efficiency also improved.

Second, the speed

rotary dryer speed is generally 3 to 5 rev / min, the current domestic widespread use of a single speed rotary dryer, from the actual production situation, its ability to adapt is not strong enough.

Initial moisture difference

different periods of the same type of material is quite large, and the different nature of different types of materials require different residence times during drying. For a rotary dryer, its aspect ratio, angle of inclination, lifting plate structure is fixed, if the speed becomes adjustable, it can adjust the residence time within a certain range. Materials such as spring water large, especially drying clay, due slow speed and extend the material stays in the rotary dryer to ask, will help to ensure production quality. From another perspective, the different types of materials require different speed in order to achieve better lifting height and adequate residence time, and the speed of rotation bake thousands of machines are doing so can be adjusted to provide favorable conditions.

Third, the lifting plate

lifting plate raised material, flue gas heat contact with the material more fully, in order to achieve better drying purposes. The lifting plate size, shape and arrangement of the yield and quality of rotary dryer thermal efficiency have a greater impact.


rotary dryer lifting plate is arranged copied plate, cell feeder Yang et al., The former is more commonly used, copied plate lifting plate there are common straight plate, curved bevel plate, right angle plate several. In general, a rotary dryer uses only one form of lifting plate. Various forms of lifting plate has its own characteristics. Ease thrown straight plate material, suitable for high water, more viscous material; bevel right angle bending and bending due to the curved portion is used for low moisture, looser material.

We believe rotary dryer lifting plate structure and layout to make some improvements, the effect will be better.

First, in the preheating zone near the feed end of the rotary dryer, the material moisture is higher, the larger viscosity, straight plate lifting plate is more appropriate, easy to dump material. Later, material moisture decreases, also decreases the viscosity, using a plate or bevel right angle bend the plate more appropriate, particularly in the constant drying section, strengthen the contact material with the hot flue gas to enhance heat transfer gas-solid phase mASS. This compared to using the same form of more favorable lifting plate, better strengths.

In addition, the lifting plate arrangement should not be forced back and forth the entire agreement rotary dryer. The material in the rotary dryer rhyme warm-up phase and constant drying stage, lifting should be strengthened, increasing the contact area with the material of the flue gas, which can increase the drying rate. Lifting plate arrangement is advantageous to appropriate more dense. In the rotary dryer section after that falling rate drying stage, the drying rate of the material depends on the rate of migration of moisture in the material to the Department, the material has a lower moisture at this stage, looser, will inevitably produce a strong lifting large group dust, adding to the burden of collecting equipment, falling rate drying stage behind the war, especially in the vicinity of the discharge end, lifting plate may be appropriate to arrange the evacuation of some.


cone crusher used we need to pay attention to many places, including the development of the use of our time, for us is very important, we can see the concrete from below, we can see our cone crusher machine development direction, we need a stone crusher machine for sale south africa concrete practical step by step, I hope we can do this well, and finally to better our cone crusher development: from the current situation, cone crusher equipment to large-scale development is the trend, high-performance crusher equipment, but now there are still many enterprises in the crusher equipment design and technical improvements are not 肯多加 investment, as long as the kiln to do a simple transformation after the grinding station in fact, this is kind of completely wrong idea. Crusher From the industry perspective, this graphite beneficiation plant cost traditional concept of corporate CEOs must be broken, it must be a rational look at this issue, otherwise, even in the current business savings accounts for less than 2% of the total investment cost of the design, but it may be lost its long-term interests. These can for our cone crusher play a good role, I single toggle jaw crusher hope we can do that, and finally to our cone crusher development of more powerful, so that our customers achieve better efficiency, Source : /

3, after the election of dewatering operations, including ore concentrates, filtration and drying, the purpose of the Sand Making Machine removal of concentrate in the water, in order to facilitate storage, transport and sale.
2, sorting operations, including one or more beneficiation methods , is Sand Making Machine to have dissociated useful minerals and gangue minerals (or different useful minerals) to achieve the separation of work;
crusher manufacturer has received some seem to not understand the beneficiation process, it is their choice of equipment is also some confusion, so today for the mineral processing industry, customers simply do not understand it explain the mystery of it!
1, beneficiation prior to preparation operations, including ore crushing and screening, grinding and classification, the jobs known as crushing operations. Its purpose is to make useful minerals in the ore and gangue minerals or different useful minerals monomer dissociation achieve or make granular materials sorting operations satisfy the requirements;
trans crusher manufacturers can only raymond mill do their customers do not know the ability to explain, but for customers in different industries raised questions about the end is not all common answer, that customer problems encountered beneficiation process how to solve it? Then promptly pick up your

This article will introduce the production process, what factors will affect the production capacity, and how to solve these problems in the production process.

Vertical roller mill is the main equipment in the production of fine powder, in the chemical, construction and other industries, the production of limestone, construction waste and other materials, with high efficiency and many advantages, but with the development of technology, production engineering requirements for the vertical mill is also higher, especially for capacity requirements, because the production capacity and income directly related, so the production capacity is higher, more popular in the production of equipment can improve the grinding capacity?

First, the operation of the impact of vertical roller mill production, operational errors will not only affect the production capacity, but also cause damage to the equipment, so it is best to carry out the training of relevant knowledge, and then carry out production, production, the best strict accordance with the instructions to enter the line, usually pay attention to maintenance operations, which is to maintain a good production base;

Secondly, the process of vertical mill production, feed for the production capacity is also influential, because no matter what type of mill, the material’s hardness, size, etc. are all requirements, so must choose according to the requirements of the material, otherwise the material is too large, easy to cause the difficulty of grinding, reduce the phenomenon of production, the material will be small, also affect the production capacity;

Once again, the vertical mill production, to pay attention to the speed of the material, can not be too fast, can not be too slow, fast words can easily lead to blockage, slow, the material can not be continuous production, so that production capacity;

The last point of the speed of the vertical mill, speed setting is not too high or too low, must be strict installation requirements to carry out, too high words will increase the consumption, too low, can not complete the grinding process;

This paper introduces the grinding ability of vertical mill, which is the main factor that causes the capacity to drop. How to solve the problem, which has a great influence on the ability to solve these problems, can make the performance better, and create more benefit for the production.

same crushing operations, the use of different types of crushing equipment to get different productivity, the same size of the ore and products, the production cycle was the same specifications
2, broken equipment factors
hammer crusher ore Mobile Crusher crushing process can be divided into three categories: nature of the ore, equipment factors and operating conditions.
ore blocks long, with an average particle size of coarse ore crushing workload needs, then crushing its low production capacity; to mine for a long time in small pieces, broken its production capacity is large. Broken structural relaxation, cleavage developed ore production capacity crusher dense than the broken structure. When the ore or pink when clay content ore more, the fine material will be due to increased humidity agglomerate or stick to the coarse ore, thereby increasing the viscosity of the ore, reducing the rate of discharge of the crushing process, clogging the crushing chamber , serious or even impossible to make the crushing process, like understanding the taste, yield, the basic meaning of the enrichment ratio. Under
Quarry Crusher (Source: hammer crusher)
1, Ore Properties of
broken, due to the addition of a large number of cyclic loading mine, so feed size is relatively small, and cyclic loading is a little broken to become qualified intermediate products. Therefore, the closed-circuit work, crushing function at full capacity and high efficiency work, production capacity has increased, depending on the hardness of the ore, the production capacity can be increased when closed is about 15-40%.
size increased, the absolute value of the relative productivity and increase the value of both. With increasing speed crusher productivity also increased slightly, but the power consumption is increased, and when the speed increases large power surge, but little increase in productivity. Too much speed can also lead to reduced productivity and crusher blocked because of discharge also take some time, especially in the crushing cone crusher, high speed centrifugal force causes the material to increase the crushing chamber and jump jam. So, do not increase the speed of approach is usually to increase productivity. The actual size of the port of discharge determines the quality of work crusher and load size. Port of discharge large productivity is certainly big, but fell broken, broken weakened. Port of discharge is large, most of the material will pass almost without crusher, crushing effect is not much since broken. Port of discharge is very small, although crushing ratio, but productivity is too low. Certain types and specifications of the crusher, crushing ratio has its proper scope, that is there is a certain adjustment range of the port of discharge, should be based on the work of the various broken segments, carefully be selected and adjusted. Nie angular jaw crusher (or called bite angle), (referring to the angle when vise ore, movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate) is too small, not much, crushing effect, is too large, will ore crushing chamber launched, can not be achieved broken. To realize the broken ore must first clamp. operational factors
crusher also affects the productivity of the crusher. Both continuous and uniform to the mine so that production is normal, but also make greater productivity. When using closed
3, the operation factors
ore more hard, its compressive strength greater, the more difficult it is broken, can be broken, poor Sand Making Machine production capacity of crusher is low. On the contrary, it is high. Large
Jaw 2-3 times . Similar jaw crusher, compound pendulum type large 20-30% higher than simple pendulum-type productivity. The same type of equipment, with the specifications

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modern market for products demanding lead Sand, gravel equipment businesses based on user needs and continuously improve their own existing processes. What would happen to open the market, especially small and medium enterprise market beneficiation has been one of the tantalite processing plant for sale majority of mineral processing equipment manufacturing business problems to be solved. To this end, based on the original mechanical crusher crushing developed on such calcium carbonate processing plant cost a high-performance automatic Sand, customers can save a considerable amount of investment in capital equipment. The following article will focus on the advantages of this Sand lies. Good mechanical crusher equipment performance, feeding can not screening, large capacity, good grain shape crushed product. Meanwhile, equipment operating costs low energy consumption due to the introduction of a new cone structure and reduced a lot. The amount of wear than traditional equipment but also a lot of difference. Performance is very reliable. From the maintenance point of view, such a device is relatively simple to maintain, easy disassembly, liner replacement rate can also meet the desired requirements of users. Device dimensions than traditional sand making much smaller size, can be used as a mobile crusher product assembly. Its structure is mainly characterized by the use of the nesting population dynamic adjustment of hydraulic equipment, hydraulic iron protection over the whole roll main bearing design. Then, in the user’s use, you can greatly reduce the wear and tear on the liner. At the same time, with advanced machinery Histon liner wear detection system, the amount of wear liner can be automatically displayed on the LED screen output. If we assume that the material clean, dry, and the bulk density of 1600kg / m3, its ability to get the best sand performance. However, it is worth noting that if the material moist, too sticky, then crushing and sand of the performance will be greatly reduced. At the same time, the class will be subject to the Sand material way, the impact of a variety of factors feed size, particle size changes, strength, hardness, brittleness, moisture content. Sand ability to achieve the best results when the open section. The most important point is that the grading equipment Sand can save a lot of investment for businesses. Because it uses a broad description of the fineness of the feed, so users do not need to shanghai shibang 5 5 feet secondary crushers use the process of considering whether to make such a problem by classifying the motor can be operated stable condition. Meanwhile, machinery advanced automatic control system is its main selling point and highlights. Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production series Mianshaozhuanji, crushing equipment, stone washing equipment, terrazzo equipment, processing equipment, mainly R \u0026 D, manufacturing, sales as one of the manufacturers. Welcome to the new and old friends to visit our company!

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