With the development of the society in recent years, the demand for sand in the construction industry is increasing year by year. The sand making machine manufacturers have come into being. The stone is very hard and is not easy to deal with. So, in the process of selecting stone processing equipment, we must pay great attention to it.

Sand making machine is a special equipment for producing sand and stone for building. It is widely used in sand making factories, road construction and other industries. The emphasis is on the common sand making machinery in the sand production line, that is, the VSI5X series of high efficient vertical shaft impact crusher, which is not only used in hard and hard materials, such as granite, basalt, limestone, iron stone, gold, bauxite, silica and so on, and can also be used in artificial sand making. Stone shaping and other operations is an ideal tool for sand making industry.

Why VSI5X sand making machine can resist hard stone and be the key mechanical equipment that can not be lacking in the process of sand and stone processing, which is determined by the advantages of the VSI5X sand making machine. VSI5X sand making machine introduced advanced German technology to ensure the internal quality and appearance quality of the equipment, greatly reduce the failure rate of the system; design reasonable material impact angle, reduce friction of wear-resistant parts, increase the service life of the equipment, and reduce the cost of production.

VSI5X sand maker machine or environmentally friendly sand making equipment, it installs dust removal equipment, reduces noise, reduces pollution, eliminates dust, is conducive to environmental protection; and the sand machine equipment uses thin oil lubrication, double oil pump to complement oil supply, in the absence of oil flow, no oil pressure can automatically stop, protect the set up, maintain a safe production site; sand making machine The structure is simple and reasonable, which makes the running performance of the equipment stable and reliable. The repair and replacement of parts in the crushing chamber are convenient, quick and time-saving.

The new sand making machine is a high performance sand making equipment with advanced water products at home. The sand making machine developed by our company is integrated with crushing and plastic shaping and single function plastic, and the production of water and hydropower, high grade highway, high speed railway, bridge, building sand production and stone shaping, building aggregate, road fabric in the field of engineering. Cement concrete aggregate production, mining field before grinding process, thermal power metallurgical industry desulphurization, steel slag, broken environmental protection project equipment.

In view of different stone materials and different uses, by changing the feeding mode and core structure of the crushing chamber, the production and operation cost can be greatly improved on the basis of guaranteeing the particle size of the crushed stone. The main materials used include iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, limestone, quartzite, sandstone and so on.

Optimized arrangement design for long service life
The excellent impeller design greatly reduces the material passing resistance, improves the material passing and the crushing ratio, increases 10% to 60% compared to the traditional impact breaking efficiency; the optimized arrangement design of the wear-resistant material, increases the service life over 40%, and reduces the cost by more than 40%.

Full automation design of new system
The new oil filter system ensures that the bearing and other transmission devices are not accidentally worn, and the service life is increased. The special light oil lubrication circulation system ensures the temperature rise within 25 C; the new automatic protection device provides the machine with vibration, oil filtering, alarm and other early warning system, which can eliminate the hidden danger in advance.

Mechanism sand often saw in the sand and gravel aggregate production, it is the use of sand making machine for artificial processing, the finished product more rules, can also according to the production requirements of processing parameter adjustment, control of finished product granularity, make its use value is higher. Compared with the natural sand, the quality of the mechanism sand is no less than that of natural sand and stone.

The mechanism sand needs to be processed by professional sand making equipment, and the sand making machine is the soul equipment. With the cooperation of auxiliary equipment, it can produce the finished product with the specified specification in a good and fast manner. The type of mechanism sand production equipment mainly includes the following types.

The characteristics and advantages of mechanism sand making machine
1. Low maintenance cost, low running wear and tear, and make full use of the interaction force between materials to improve productivity.

2. The deep cavity impeller can increase the throughput, increase the output, support the adjustment and use of the weekly shield plate, the effective service life is longer, the combined type of throwing head, where the wear is changed, effectively reduces the cost;

3. The introduction of new German technology, combined with the improvement of domestic production conditions, the thin oil lubrication scheme, can provide greater speed adjustment range and more diversified production.

Mechanism of sand can in sand and gravel aggregate industry accounts for more and more important, because of its own, of course, there are many advantages to oblivion, both appearance, use value and social significance, the use of the mechanism of sand in the sand and gravel aggregate industry are important breakthrough innovation.

1. Quality advantage: different from the limitation of natural sand and stone storage, the mechanism sand  mechanized production mode, and the finished product quality is adjustable and controllable, so the quality is more guaranteed.

2. resource advantage: mechanism of sand materials are more diverse, in addition to the stone, tailings, such as construction waste resources can also be used for making sand, besides, slag, slag, water slag and other industrial solid waste can also use sand making machine for processing a sand aggregate product;

3. green sand, sand mechanism can effectively use all kinds of waste resources, both increased the mechanism of sand source of raw materials, and can improve the utilization rate of resources, in line with the circular economy theory, a system of green sand, reasonably.

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The mechanism sand production line has many advantages, such as crushing hard minerals and crushing minerals selectively. In the process of production, the fineness of finished sand can be adjusted according to the different requirements. So the application range of sand making machine is very wide, but the advantages of the equipment are completely established in the normal work. On the basis of this, there is a great relationship between the normal work of the equipment and the installation of the equipment. Here is an introduction to what matters to be noticed in the installation of the mechanism sand production line.

Whether the working environment of the sand making machine is indoor or outdoor, the foundation must be made of concrete to ensure that the equipment has a solid foundation. The requirement for the foundation of the concrete is several times as many times as that of the whole mechanism sand production line, which will be explained by the manufacturer when it is purchased.

The mechanism of sand production line must be balanced to make the main shaft perpendicular to the horizontal line to ensure that the equipment does not meet the requirements of the finished product in the process of production.

Then it is due to the long time transportation of sand making to the site of the production project. It is unavoidable that there are collisions in the process of transportation. So the equipment must be checked thoroughly before the installation. For example, check whether the lubricating tubing is connected, and add oil before the test is installed; and then, check the inspection. Check whether the connection is reliable, check whether there is any foreign object on the impeller, if it is discharged this morning, and ensure that the rotation direction of the motor is the same as that of the mechanism sand production line. If the motor wiring is not always adjusted, the direction of the motor is consistent with the sign.

Mobile crusher is mainly used in the field of finely homework, in the application of production operation, rocky and finished products according to different purposes, mobile crusher instead of the fixed crushing station, higher hardness and more granular ballast products. The cone crusher configured by zhongyi mining machine can be adjusted to different crushing cavity according to actual needs, and expanded the use area and range of use of broken cone broken mobile station.

Performance characteristics of mobile crusher:
1. Good mobility;
2. Compact structure and convenient use;
3. Cost saving and cost reduction;
4. Higher applicability;
5. Stable performance and convenient maintenance;
6. Flexible configuration.

Structure of mobile crusher:
All parts of the mobile crusher are fully airborne, including: solid frame, jaw crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor belt, motor and control box, etc.
Advantages of mobile crushing station:
Cone crusher is a cone crusher with full hydraulic closed side adjustment device, which can produce 10 ~ 45mm aggregates. The hydraulic closed side adjustment device of the cone crusher is to adjust the setting of the crusher quickly and conveniently. The adjustment is carried out through the control box so that the system is very suitable for the occasion where the discharge port parameters need to be adjusted periodically.

Working principle of mobile crusher:
Material by the feeder evenly to the cone crusher, cone crusher have been broken, closed-circuit system constructed by circular vibrating screen, realize the material cycle of broken, finished product material from the conveyor output, continuous crushing operations. The mobile crusher can remove the circular vibrating screen according to the actual production, and realize the initial crushing of the material directly. It is convenient and flexible to use with other crushing equipment.
Use and range of cone mobile crusher.

Stone crusher is a broken equipment commonly used in mine development. The Stone Crusher commonly used for rock stone breakage has jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher. Today, here we talk about the production process of stone crusher, how to produce and process high quality stone crusher Mechanical equipment.

Whether the material is reasonable or not is very important to the production of crushing equipment. Different materials are used to process different material crusher. First, the matching is the main factor. If the material is not matched, it is impossible to meet the requirements. So the user should know the details of the material before purchasing the equipment to avoid the lack of professional knowledge by a individual manufacturer. . The manufacturers of stone crusher should have strict requirements for material selection, and use high quality materials for the manufacture of equipment, with high standard in quality.

Reasonable design can make the production efficiency of the stone crusher mechanical equipment higher, the reasonable design includes the detail design of each component, for example, whether the design of flywheel, bearing, discharge mouth, crushing cavity and so on is reasonable directly affect the production efficiency, the details determine the success or failure, the unreasonable design will cause the stone crusher to break the stone There are a lot of mistakes in the process.

Whether the production of the stone crusher is rough from the appearance can also be distinguished from the appearance, the user must choose several manufacturers to compare it before buying the equipment, and go to the factory to carry out the inspection. So, a high quality stone crusher, remind the large stone crusher manufacturers, the high quality stone crusher equipment to work.

Sand making machine is very important in the mine and other industries, but many operators do not work according to the articles of association in order to save time and material resources. So, the work of sand making machine can not be guaranteed, and even dangerous things may happen. It can be seen that the arrangement of the working procedure of the sand making machine is very important.

It is necessary to have a reasonable workflow for the sand maker to better play its role. So, for the sand making machine, what kind of workflow is reasonable? Let’s take a look.

Working process arrangement of sand making machine:
First, check the whirling cavity of the sand making machine before driving to observe whether the door is tight, so as to prevent the material from rushing out of the whirling cavity observation door and causing danger.

Two, the starting sequence of sand making machine and conveying equipment is: discharge, sand making machine and feeding. Note: the crusher must start at no load and can be supplied after the crusher runs normally. The shutdown sequence is the opposite of the boot order.

Three, the feeding particles of the sand making machine should be strictly required according to the requirements, and the prohibition is greater than the specified material entering the crusher. Otherwise, it will cause the imbalance of the impeller and the excessive wear of the impeller, even cause the blockage of the impeller passageway and the central feeding tube, so that the crusher can not work normally, and the bulk material should be eliminated in time.

Four, when discharging equipment stops, it should stop feeding in time, otherwise, it will cause the impeller to be crushed and the motor will be destroyed.

In order to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the sand making machine and give full play to the production capacity of the equipment, the users of the sand making machine should pay attention to the correct operation of the sand making machine from the thought, and maintain and repair the sand making machine regularly and regularly in the actual operation.

The correct use of sand making machine is one of the important factors to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the sand making machine. Improper operation or negligence in the process of operation often cause equipment and personal accidents, so the correct operation should be carried out strictly in accordance with the regulations of the operation in order to ensure the smooth work of the sand making machine.

Mobile crusher application in mining, construction and other industries have a certain amount of time, during the period of mobile crushing plant technology got great development, the production performance in an increasingly perfect, but the Mobile Crusher manufacturers more and more, and the equipment of the fierce competition in the market, the preferential on price alone cannot win in the competition, so to optimize the equipment, so how to optimize the mobile crusher?

Mobile crusher optimization is to further improve the performance of equipment, it mainly refers to the equipment capacity, life, etc., so for the optimization of equipment lies in two aspects, structure and production material, the following specific analysis about the two aspects:

First is the structure of the equipment, the external structure, there are through in the form of casting, welding, bolt and cohesion, to improve equipment on-site adaptability to take in the future way of cohesion. For the internal structure of the equipment, especially the structure of the broken cavity, it is necessary to obtain a more reasonable fracture cavity curve and improve the crushing capacity of the equipment.

Followed by the equipment in the production of material optimization, this is mainly in order to improve the service life of equipment, choose good material can greatly improve wear resistance of the equipment, prolong the service life of equipment. Especially the jaw plate of the mobile crusher, the jaw plate is the main part of the equipment, and also is easy to wear, the high quality high manganese steel alloy can improve its hardness and wear-resisting degree.

Optimization of mobile crusher is mainly in order to improve the performance of the equipment, so for the optimization is mainly manifested in the device’s structure of the equipment and the choice of production material, through these improve equipment production efficiency and benefit, make the equipment in the intense market competition.

Sand making machine is now irreplaceable in the field of crushing and shaping of machine-made sand. Compared with the same kind of sand making equipment, the sand making machine not only has high sand production efficiency, but also the grain type is very good. The standard of the finished sand is fully met the standard of the national advanced sand aggregate material, and it has become a new generation of sand made in the sand and stone industry.

With the development of sand making machine, the wider application field is not only limited to the traditional sand making field, but also can be used in all kinds of crushing and shaping operations in various fields such as ore, cement, metallurgy, slag, refractory, building, stone and so on. It is especially suitable for high hardness, hard and abrasion resistant materials which can not be dealt with.

In the crushing and reshaping field, the sand making machine “dominates” the strong performance of the machine. What are its specific features? Let’s get to know it together.

1, high production efficiency of sand making: deep cavity type rotor and impeller design reduce the resistance of material through, improve the material passing and crushing ratio, using “stone stone”, “stone hit iron” two kinds of broken mode, more crushing capacity, with the effect of plastic.

2, the wide range of application: not only can carry on the basic sand making operation, but also can break the hard and hard material that the ordinary crusher is difficult to break, because of the counter strike breaking and the cone breaking.

3, to realize the great idea of “one machine and multiple materials”: sand machine set “material blow material”, “material blow iron” two kinds of crushing methods in one, high efficiency and high output, can also achieve a variety of material to meet the various production requirements.

4, hydraulic automatic lifting device, reduce labor intensity, replace the rotor and its accessories easily and conveniently, improve the efficiency of use.

5, the environmental protection is very strong: in the whole breakage, the material is broken to each other, not directly contact with the metal element, but the impact and friction with the material lining layer, reduce the angle pollution and prolong the wear time of the machine. In addition, the vortex flow inside the whirling chamber eliminates the dust pollution. The whole process is very environmentally friendly.

Mobile crusher is one of the performance of mobile crushing process, this process can not be restricted by field condition, directly to the work area for material processing, the Mobile Crusher has a different composition of cone crusher is just one of them, and cone of mobile crushing plant production process, not only the cone crusher, there are many other types of devices, such as feeder, conveyor, hoist, jaw broken machine, etc., let’s analyze the production process, several advantages for the processing of the rock.

1. above the station move performance is good, can not restricted by the environment, directly on the scene, to complete the stone processing, so don’t need to transport the material, it reduces the cost of investment, in addition, it is a complete production process, is fixed on the car plate, so there is no need to on-site installation, save time, make the machine more quickly into production;

2. large production capacity, high degree of automation, the cone type mobile crusher at work, through the amount is larger, so the capacity is big, in the process of the rock, its capacity is high, the other is the high degree of automation of the machine, not only can automatic lubrication function, equipment for the adjustment of the discharging mouth is also very convenient, and it can realize remote computer control, it was a great help for the decrease of labor input;

3. cone type three mobile crushing plant for processing, rock using the characteristic of the crushing cavity shape and the principle of laminating crushing, after processing the finished product in the cube significantly higher, the proportion of needle flake stone, graded more evenly, make the product more suitable to the needs of construction and other industries.