Energy saving Raymond mill is the key equipment after material is broken. Raymond mill widely used in cement, Portland products, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal ore dressing and glass ceramics production industry, of all kinds of ores and other materials may be grinding of dry or wet grinding.

Mine dressing Raymond powder grinder can provide the powder grinder of different sizes and types of mines with different diameters for various metallurgical and chemical mining enterprises.

Energy-saving Raymond pulverizer is introduced: this changed the original Raymond mill structure, make the body, chassis integration, installation time can be a and based on the plane, the spindle with double LieDiao roller bearing can reduce energy consumption by 30%, improve the granularity, 15-20% increase in energy.

The energy-saving Raymond mill is suitable for grinding all kinds of ores and other materials. It is widely used in mineral dressing, building materials and chemical industry. According to the different ore discharge methods, there are two kinds of ore dressing Raymond mill: lattice type and overflow type.

Sand making machine is suitable for fine and fine ore and rock of different hardness, such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, carborundum, bauxite, quartz sand, perlite, and other high hardness materials. The new type of high efficiency sand making machine has added hydraulic equipment and oil lubrication station and unique feeding system, which makes the new sand machine have the characteristics of high energy and low consumption, excellent grain type, easy maintenance, automatic maintenance, safety and reliability. The new sand making machine is widely used in the production technology of high speed railway, cement concrete aggregate and so on in the field of engineering. It has achieved good results since the market of thermal power, steel slag and broken environmental protection projects in the field of mining.

Advantages of high efficiency sand making machine

1. the crusher ratio of efficient sand making machine can reach more than 50, while jaw crusher, shale crusher and wet crusher can hardly exceed 20..

2. high throughput and high output —-50–500t/h, compared with the same power sand making equipment, the output increased by 35%. And the performance is relatively stable.

3. easy loss parts consumption low – the reasonable material impact speed design and wear resistant parts friction less than the traditional equipment operating costs 30% lower, directly reduce the use cost of impact crusher, greatly improve the profit rate of the machine.

4. the finished product is good, that is, it has six sides and multi prism, and is reasonable, especially used with plastic sand and stone. After many customers prove that the comprehensive effect of sand making and plastic shaping is 30% higher than that of other equal power equipment.

Portable crushers are also called portable crushing plants, a new generation of traditional crushing equipment. The Portable Crusher Plant inherits the advantages of the traditional crusher, and also greatly improves its overall performance and crushing capacity. Therefore, in the current crushing production, the utilization space of the portable crusher is still relatively large. Based on this, what is the difference between the problem portable crusher and the traditional crusher? The detailed answers are as follows:

First, two types of crusher

1. Traditional Crusher

Traditional crusher, a type of fixed crushing machine with high usage rate. In addition to being used for stone crushing under short lines, it can also be equipped with some auxiliary crushing equipment to form a complete crushing production line. In order to achieve systematic crushing, screening and other operations on sand and gravel materials.

2. Portable Crusher

The portable crusher plant is similar to a small crushing production line. It combines a variety of crushing equipment in one car, and can complete the crushing and screening operations of sand and gravel materials in one time. Moreover, because it has strong Mobility, able to deepen the crushing site, processing materials on site without having to move the material away from the site for further processing, greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials, so in the current crushing production of sand and gravel, the portable crusher also has a higher Usage rate.

Second, what are the differences between portable crushers and traditional crushers?

1. Scope of application: The portable crusher is more suitable for the multi-transformation of the site, the material accumulation is scattered in the crushing environment requiring relocation operation or fluid operation; while the traditional crusher is more suitable for fixed production, the direct production in situ does not need to change the site. In the environment.

2. equipment price: portable crusher is a high-end machine, set multiple crushing equipment in one, and does not need the groundwork, installation and other cumbersome steps, so the price is slightly higher; and the traditional crusher is just a broken single machine, function More single, so the investment price is relatively lower.

3. Cost of production: Compared with the traditional crusher, the main advantage of the new portable crusher is that it can approach the material infinite distance and save the intermediate links of transportation and re-breaking, which makes it truly meet the saving of enterprise expenses. Economic requirements for reducing material transportation costs, etc.

With the rapid development of mining machinery, various kinds of Portable Crusher Plant have sprung up in the machinery industry, and the new technology and new design are also advancing the development level of the whole industry. In the fields of metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower, highway, railway, construction waste treatment and other areas, portable crushing machines play an important role. In combination with the needs of production, the traditional portable crushing machine is being improved gradually, more automatic, environmental and intelligent. For example, the working environment of the portable crushing machine is often more dangerous and even worse. It is necessary to reduce the influence of the environment on the related workers. It is often necessary.

The moving crushing and screening equipment is integrated with the process equipment such as material, crushing, screening, transmission and so on. Through optimization of process flow, it has excellent crushing performance of rock crushing, aggregate production and open pit mining. The whole equipment is advanced in design, excellent in performance, high in production efficiency, convenient in operation and stable in operation. Relative to all kinds of fixed breakage stations, the portable crushing machine can be used together by different models to make up a powerful broken line, like a movable medium and small crushing plant, which can complete a variety of crushing ratio. The required crushing operation. The advanced performance of the equipment determines its wide application. At present, for some special work environment which is not suitable for human stay, the equipment is equipped with advanced remote control system.

According to the trend of market development, our company also understands the advanced nature of the remote control system of the portable crusher plant. The intelligent sensor, automatic controller and microcomputer analysis system are installed on the equipment body, so that the production situation and the material processing progress of each equipment in the broken station can be entered through the signal transmitted by the sensor. Analysis and understanding, after the analysis of the successful analysis system, the automatic controller will automatically operate the equipment according to the command issued by the system, and then control the crushing production of the material in the crushing station. This new type of crushing equipment is more scientific, automatic, environment-friendly and intelligent, which reduces the labor cost of the equipment, and ensures the safety of the operators. It is becoming more and more popular in the development of mineral processing and mining industry.

As an important grinding machine, the price of the Raymond Mill has received a lot of attention. When purchasing a company, it generally chooses a lower-priced milling equipment. In fact, everyone knows that the price cannot be the only factor for the equipment, but because the user does not know enough about the equipment, the price of the equipment can only be used as an important reference factor. And do not pay much attention to product quality, after-sales, brand, etc., but these are indeed the key factors for the efficient operation of a machine or even a production line. But usually, all these other factors will be reflected in the market price. Let’s analyze the factors that affect the price of Raymond.

The service life of Raymond mill components is the main reason for the price of equipment. Some well-known companies’ mill equipment accessories basically use original accessories from well-known manufacturers. But even the accessories of the same manufacturer, the price is not the same. Of course, this is mainly related to the difference in quality. Take the Raymond mill grinding ring as an example. Some grind rings have a thickness of 20 mm and some are 16 mm. Some grinding ring materials are ordinary steel, and some use high manganese steel. In this way, the price difference is revealed, and after understanding the customer, the customer can purchase according to their own production needs and equipment conditions, so that the benefits are relatively large.

In addition to the material and thickness, there is a particularly important reason. Under normal circumstances, everyone is not very concerned, it is the production process. Different production processes will lead to different quality, of course, the production of the original is not the same, small manufacturers have basically adopted a workshop-style production method. They basically can’t take professional production methods. Of course, quality cannot be compared to some big companies. Well-known enterprises have adopted advanced equipment. In the production process of Raymond Mill, each process has full-time personnel for production operations. Although the cost has increased, it has largely prevented the production of equipment with quality problems.

Large equipment requires a lot of raw materials, and rising and falling prices of raw materials are also a major reason for product price changes. In recent years, the price of steel in China has been rising. This indirectly led to an increase in the price of the Raymond mill. For large companies, the impact of raw material prices is not particularly obvious. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises, this is very obvious. Because well-known companies have fixed supply companies, because of their huge purchases, they can get raw materials at lower prices. They are not worried about this situation, and the common purchase price of raw materials is the contract price, which will not change very frequently. Due to the lack of funds and the company’s own digestive capacity, SMEs generally do not have the advantage of purchasing accessories.

Portable crusher plant will change with the terrain, it is easy to turn and mobile. Portable crusher plant is simple in assembly, easy to use, easy to maintain, and has both energy saving and environmental protection functions.

Portable crusher plant is a new type of rock crushing equipment, which greatly expands the field of rough work concept. Its design aim is to stand in the customer’s position, take the obstacle of breaking the broken site and environment to the customer to break the work as the primary solution, and provide the high efficiency and low cost project operation hardware for the customers.

The movable crushing station can break up the material processing and flowing stone, such as construction waste, coal gangue, coal, cobbles, quartz sand, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone and so on. It is often used in construction waste treatment, sand stone field, mine mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, Dry powder mortar, power plant desulphurization and other fields.

From PCL sand making machine to VSI sand making machine to 4 series (VSI4X) and 5 Series (VSI5X), in the long years, Sand Making Machine has been constantly improved and perfected continuously. In the current market, 4 series and 5 series sand making machines are widely used and 6 systems have applications. This article will take a look at the continuous upgrading of the VSI sand making machine. What are the characteristics of the 5 series equipment on the wear-resistant parts?

1. the VSI5X adopts a new dual-purpose bulk tray, which can quickly realize the conversion of central feed and falling feed, reduce downtime and improve efficiency. The material is generally high chromium cast iron.

VSI4X is generally only a bulk cone.

2. VSI5X circumferential boards can be used upside down when worn locally, so that the material utilization rate can be increased, and the service life can be increased by more than 48%.

The circumferential guard plate of VSI4X is an integral structure.

3. VSI5X adopts the combined hammer head design, only replacing the worn hammerhead part, effectively preventing the damage of the vertical plate after wearing the hammer head, and can reduce the use cost by more than 30%. The main material of the main and vice hammer head is 42CrMo.

VSI4X uses an integrated structure of the hammer.

4. VSI5X adopts diamond shaped impact block to avoid material impact damage to the vertical plate. In addition to improving its wear resistance, it can also be used alternately. It not only improves the utilization rate of materials, but also effectively protects the life of the inner guard boards of sand making machines. The material is generally high chromium cast iron.

VSI4X is square.

5. VSI5X hopper adopts stamping process, once forming, the technology level is higher and more durable.

VSI4X mostly adopts welding folding process.

The advantages and disadvantages of the parts reflect the quality of the whole machine to a great extent, and the replacement period of the wear-resistant parts affects the production cost and efficiency. Therefore, the optimization of the parts of the VSI5X sand making machine is one of its bright spots.

The mechanism sand production line is made up of sand making machine, jaw crusher, impact crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, and so on. Our production line has low operating cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, simple structure, easy installation, easy maintenance and small pollution.

We all know that the machine needs a certain period of running in. The newly purchased machine and equipment need new grinding in the process of processing and production, and then it can be used in our production and life. What are the problems that need to be paid attention to as the grinding machine used for sand and stone processing production?

The running in period of mechanical equipment also calls for the term of conformity, generally referring to the process of contacting, rubbing, and interlocking of mechanical parts at the initial stage of operation. During the running in period, it can adjust the capability of each component of the mechanical equipment to cooperate with the environment and wear out the uneven parts of the parts. The running in period of sand making machine is very important, and it is the key point that the sand making machine can operate normally in the later sand making process.

It is necessary to pay attention to the grinding of the sand making machine. Before the operation of the machine, please carefully read the instructions and operation manual of the machine, know the performance of the equipment, the empty load operation and the load operation. Under normal conditions, the air load is running for 4 hours, and the belt pulley should be checked when the load is running. The flexibility of the machine, the installation of the machine is firm, there is no other noise, etc., to check and adjust the loose parts in time to prevent the wear of parts caused by loosening.

The user also needs to pay attention to the working load of the grinding machine during the running in. The working load should not exceed 80% of the rated working load, so as to arrange the appropriate workload to prevent the heating of the machine because of the long work. In the running in period, the lubrication phenomenon of the equipment should be paid attention to, the lubrication is not good, and the scratch and bite of the precision parts will be caused. In case of running in, we should check the data of the instruments regularly to see if there is any abnormality.

Grinding mill is a device that processes materials to a certain degree of fineness. The Grinding Mill can be divided into ultrafine grinding, fine grinding and coarse grinding according to the fineness of the material and the fineness of the material. It is suitable for the grinding of mineral products in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and mine.

According to the different working principle and structure of the mill, the common grinding equipment has vertical roller mill, Raymond mill, Medium Speed Trapezium Mill, ultrafine mill and so on, users can choose flexibly according to the different demand of production and fineness.

LM Vertical Roller Mill
[feed granularity]: 38-55mm
[production capacity]: 10-128T/h
Application area: it is suitable for grinding materials in cement, power, metallurgy, chemical industry, ore and other industries.

MTW Trapezium Mill
[feed granularity]: 30-40mm
[production capacity]: 3.5-25T/h
[application]: MTW Trapezium Mill is widely used for grinding and grinding products in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.

XZM Ultrafine Mill
[feed granularity]: 30mm
[production capacity]: 4-13T/h
[applicable materials]: Feldspar, calcite, talcum, barite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite, slag, water slag, activated charcoal, dolomite, fly ash, clay, bentonite, gypsum, graphite and other inflammable and explosive materials under 6%.

Raymond mill as the main grinding equipment for ore dressing production line and flotation production line, has high grinding efficiency, can be used for dry grinding and wet processing, and can be used for grinding of ceramics, bauxite and other minerals. When purchasing equipment, the focus of attention is on the quality and price of the equipment. How much is the price of the mine Raymond mill?

1. general users in the investment purchase Raymond mill equipment, the price comparison process only see in front of the front, here to correct, in consideration of the price of Raymond mill, the initial investment is only a part, the later cost also need to join the calculation, so that the overall price of Raymond mill.

2. the price and the level of Raymond mill are usually closely related to the following factors. First of all, the quotation of Raymond Mill in the factory area is analyzed in recent years. Although many manufacturers of Raymond mill are all over the area, the price of Henan Raymond mill is still lower than that of the manufacturer of Raymond Mill on the premise of quality assurance; in addition, the price of the same-sex factory is different from the Raymond mill. The middleman quotations are generally higher, and the direct manufacturers offer cheaper prices, and the big manufacturers will also make up their specific prices, which include only the single price of the mill equipment, or the maintenance and installation costs that may be involved in the later period. This will be more specific to the users, which are more conducive to the investment of the users, such as the world state. Industrial Science and technology group is quoted in this way; second is the influence of market condition on equipment price, when the market competition is fierce, the range of price selection is more space, and the price of unit Raymond mill equipment will be a little more expensive when the market is in short supply; after that, the influence of the mill equipment itself on its price is large. Small, quality, old and new, etc., but here is much more.

3. in general, the price of Raymond mill equipment ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of prices, to ensure that the investment spent on Raymond mill is valuable, and the life of Raymond mill is improved. Raymond Mill investment is not only determined by the initial investment, but also determined by the high and low cost of the later production. In recent years, the energy saving Raymond mill has a certain energy saving effect, so it is favored by the market customers, and the price is not expensive.