Whether the domestic infrastructure construction or the public facilities such as high speed highway, railway, water conservancy, they cannot go without the application of gravel aggregate. Nowadays, the tide of sand making machine technology transformation is also raised with the acceleration of economic globalization, the utilization rate of gravel aggregate by China is gradually increasing.

The rise and present achievements in sand industry cannot be separated with the technology support of sand making equipment. From the condition of China mechanical pebble sand maker, we can see that the pebble sand maker attracts more attention of the potential customers. As for the present market, the sand maker with wide application and mutiple functions is increasingly needed.

Due to the late start of the China mining equipment industry, its technology level is relatively insufficient compared with the western countries, therefore its market share in international market is smaller than that of the western countries. However, the pushfulness of China mining equipment is quite large and its technology is improved greatly than before. It is believed that the China mining equipment will open new market in the international stage as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in order to meet the different demands of customers, we is researching the new type sand making equipment. In terms of the product research, we strives for owning high-end product with independent intellectual properties. In the future, we will make greater contribution to the mining economy construction.


The use of ultra fine grinding mills has become very common among me. In the use, we should pay attention to the production situation, and then can make its production more in line with people’s requirements.

Now, the ultrafine mill has been very common in my use, but compared with other developed countries, the development of our level is relatively backward, the main reason is that I lack the ability of independent innovation, two cases are the introduction of advanced equipment and technology. So, how to speed up the rapid development of our ultrafine grinding industry, independent innovation has become the key to equipment development. We should work hard in this process, and then make the use of super fine grinding better.

In fact, after two hours of ultrafine mill, their performance is not as good as when they first started. This is for reasons. At the beginning of the use, the milling equipment has not received much wear and tear, and it can make its production more dynamic. However, after two periods of time, the milling equipment no longer has such a great capacity for milling, which brings about two troubles to our production. At this time, two regular measures to clean up the oil, then add butter on those tools, the extent of damage to large grinding roll, the need for timely replacement, so as to avoid the damage caused by the greater of superfine grinding equipment.

When the device is in use for a long time under the condition of each part is very easy to loose, special circumstances would be particularly harsh noise, at the same time, the equipment downtime should be timely treatment, and then each part of the equipment to carry out strict inspection, to ensure the normal operation of equipment. In the use of grinding equipment, we should pay attention to various protection measures, it would be better to carry out their work, but also to ensure that our production, therefore, for users, two do not ignore the maintenance of ultrafine grinding, so as to make their production better.

The industrial flour milling industry has great potential for development, but the potential market needs to be excavated through its own efforts, and the birth of ultrafine mill still faces many problems. After all these years, the factory equipment has been accepted by everybody. At the same time, it drives the industrialization of the first industry and breaks the bottleneck of the original development.

A few years ago, the market for industrial flour milling became saturated, leaving many producers of the mining machinery industry on the edge of collapse. But some manufacturers have the strength to seek self-development in saturation. After scientific and technological research and investigation, people began to use ultrafine mill, so many enterprises have begun to face ultra-fine grinding equipment production and processing.

The emergence of ultrafine mill is still facing many problems. The equipment needs a lot of money to put in the experiment. The machine can be sold in the market until satisfactory results are obtained. We have been learning for a year of production, experimentation, and then through a series of improvements. Ultra fine grinding has been put into the market, the beginning of ultra-fine grinding products will be questioned, but we firmly believe that its quality is guaranteed.

We have designed a complete set of milling production lines for our customers, and also have our own test production line to meet their standards. Then, in the face of the continuous development of the facts, ultra-fine grinding equipment has been recognized by many enterprises. At the same time, it promoted the industrialization of the first industry, and made great contribution to the processing and milling of materials, breaking the bottleneck of the original development. The emergence of ultrafinehas brought new vigor and vitality for industrial development.

With the progress of science and technology, the market demand is also increasing, and the demand for ultrafine grinding mills is expanding. The development of ultrafineing industry has entered a period of rapid development. Mining machinery plays a very important role in economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development. Its development will further promote the rapid development of industry.

Ultrafine grinding ring and a grinding roller grinding machine is relatively easy to be wear parts. These two sections are usually directly exposed to hard ores. This will bring economic losses to the user. Of course, ultrafine mill grinding parts can not avoid wearing parts, but we can take some protective measures to slow down wear rate. The following is a brief analysis of part of the cause of the wear of the fittings. Tell you how to reduce the wear of grinding roll and grinding ring.

Regular replacement of ultrafine grinding equipment parts will cause economic losses to users. Moreover, if it does not change, it can not meet the production requirements. This gives users endless trouble. Now, I will introduce two factors and methods to reduce wear of roll and ring.
If the material is treated with very high hardness, this will inevitably exacerbate the wear rate of the grinding parts and lead to premature parts of the equipment. In the production process, the user shall refer to the instructions and select the appropriate materials to ensure a reasonable working environment.

If the material contains some difficult to grind impurities, ultrafine grinding can not be applied to them, so that they are constantly grinding in the mill cycle, which will accelerate the speed of wear parts.

Material properties are important, but texture and texture of the workpiece is also critical. Grinding rings and rollers must be made of better quality steel. The wear rate of the poor steel parts is very fast, and maybe the user needs to replace it for 1-2 months. This will lead to economic losses to the user. Manganese steel is a suitable material for grinding and grinding rings. They can improve the use of equipment because of their special properties.
These are the main factors that affect the wear rate of the grinding roll and grinding ring. In the production process, if you do not pay attention to these aspects, I believe it will greatly extend the service life of the grinding machine, and reduce the replacement frequency of wearing parts. After comparison, it will bring economic benefits for users directly.

Ultra-fine grinding is composed of many parts, and different parts in the production play a different role, if the parts have a problem, then it will lead to machine failure, can not successfully complete the production, so to ensure zero The life of the parts is to ensure that the ultrafine milling machine to complete the basic conditions of material grinding.
In the ultrafine mill inside a lot of parts, such as roller, grinding ring, bearings, etc., these different parts of the material is mainly grinding to the required particle size, if there is a damaged phenomenon, then it will lead to the finished product Quality and performance decline in the phenomenon, but also lead to increased maintenance costs, so to ensure the quality of parts is very important.
Ultra-fine grinding is composed of many parts, and different parts in the production play a different role, if the parts have a problem, then it will lead to machine failure, can not successfully complete the production, so to ensure zero The life of the parts is to ensure that the ultrafine milling machine to complete the basic conditions of material grinding.
In the ultra-fine grinding inside a lot of parts, such as roller, grinding ring, bearings, etc., these different parts of the material is mainly grinding to the required particle size, if there is a damaged phenomenon, then it will lead to the finished product Quality and performance decline in the phenomenon, but also lead to increased maintenance costs, so to ensure the quality of parts is very important.

More and more enterprises pay more attention to energy saving and environmental protection. In the design of ultrafine mill, the energy saving and environmental protection of the equipment are also emphasized. The ultrafine mill is specially equipped with pulse dust collector and muffler, which can reduce dust pollution, reduce noise, reach the environmental protection standard of our country, and after reasonable industrial pollution treatment, it can do zero pollution to the surrounding environment.

At the beginning of the design have been considering different applications in various industries new ultrafine mill, through the assembly of reasonable and simple, the ultra-fine grinding equipment capable of efficient calcite, quartz stone, silica and potassium ores and other materials. The new design of grinding roll adopts the design concept of grinding ring grinding curve, which makes the grinding efficiency more improved. When the fineness and power of the finished product are the same, the production capacity is two times higher than that of air mill, stirring mill and ball mill. Two of the product fineness can reach D97 less than or equal to 5 mu m.

I plant design and production of ultrafine mill parts, mainly made of special materials forged, especially grinding roll and grinding ring and other wear-resistant parts of the production of materials, so that the use of greatly improved. In the case of materials and finished product fineness under the same ratio of impact crusher and Turbine Crusher parts of long service life 2-3 times, especially in the processing of calcium carbonate, calcite, is particularly prominent, the service life of up to 2-5 years.

Ultrafine grinding mill in the chamber without rolling bearing and bolt, solves the problem of bearing and easy damaged seal, does not occur because the screw loose to destroy the machine phenomenon, greatly reduces the maintenance downtime and maintenance costs of equipment, equipment use more convenient and efficient.

Construction waste crusher is a new ore crushing equipment in the field of mining machinery, it sets the coarse crushing and fine crushing and conveying in one, eliminating the production site, topography and complicated facilities to users crushing and processing work brings the obstacle. Construction waste crusher is a simple, efficient, energy saving equipment, crushing and processing work on Construction waste, bluestone, limestone, granite and other materials, wide application prospect.

With the development of economy, the construction of building, high-speed rail and other infrastructures and buildings are becoming faster and faster, and the construction waste crusher is becoming more and more important to the preparation of sand and gravel. Sand mill crusher in all walks of life, especially in the construction industry more and more influential.

Advantages of construction waste crusher
1. crushing technology advanced, mature, unit configuration, equipment division of labor is clear, safe and stable operation, easy operation, maintenance and repair.
2. the set of vehicle base is higher, the turning radius is smaller, so that equipment can travel flexibly in the mine area, more conducive to flexible construction operation in the region.
3. the unit integration is strong, coordination is good, the overall layout is more compact, can save a lot of operation time and space, investment cost is low.
4. the configuration of the construction waste crusher using a unique principle of static pressure, the material of the crushing effect is good, the two isolation design, reducing vibration, yield and efficiency of ultra high.
5. construction waste crusher price is reasonable, quote below the market price, the overall cost performance is very high.

Sand making machine is suitable for crushing, plastic, soft or hard and super hard materials, sand making machine is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum where soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag the following small series, the faithful will introduce you to the sand making machine note.

Sand making machine maintenance notes:
1. the daily maintenance of sand making machine is essential, must regularly make sand making machine get enough downtime, and to observe the internal wear sand making machine regularly, if worn should be timely replacement or repair. In addition, note that in the normal process of making sand machine, must not open the observation, so as to avoid dangerous accidents.

2. sand making machine at work 400 hours should be adding grease to work 2000 hours to open the spindle assembly bearing cleaning, if work 7200 hours after it must be replaced with new bearings.

3. The driving force of the driving triangle belt should be adjusted properly so as to ensure that the triangular adhesive tape should be selected in groups and the length of each group is as consistent as possible. Should adjust the two motor current difference of not more than 15A.

4. in the process of work, because the sand making machine belongs to the high-speed operation of the equipment, should pay special attention to safety. Staff should be away from the equipment, if you need to repair the machine, it must be power cut before you can operate.

Sand making machine must pay attention to routine maintenance and maintenance. Only reasonable use and maintenance of sand making machine can ensure the production efficiency of sand making machine.

The European version of ultrafine mill is a new type of ore milling equipment, this type  ultrafine mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, road construction, water conservancy and Hydropower industries. It is an ideal equipment for processing quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, iron ore, barite and bentonite. However, do you know why ultrafine mill is the ideal equipment for processing these materials? What are its special advantages in the processing of these materials? Below we will share the European version of ultrafine mill performance characteristics and advantages.

1. Europe version ultrafine mill machine adopts frequency conversion regulation
The engine speed is controlled by a frequency converter, simple and convenient adjustment, accurate speed, controllable material sorting, adjusted according to the requirements of material properties, different fineness and yield of the ultrafine mill play a larger efficiency and better operation, effectively reduce the energy consumption and wear.

2. the ring pressure device of ultrafine mill mill is external
The external regulation of the mill ring pressure regulating position is provided for the external regulation of the outlet, and the maintenance is convenient, and the tedious process of disassembly and adjustment is avoided, the time and effort are saved, and the maintenance and the maintenance cost are greatly reduced.

3. ultrafine fine mill machine and design of split variant for human body
Ultra fine mill machine and airframe adopt vertical fission structure to avoid resonance, enhance operation stability and improve service life of the product.

4. super fine mill adopts multi port combined heat collector
Multi port combination powder collector European version of ultra-fine mill, six sets of powder mixed into the two body, select and collect more effective fine powder products, to avoid the two mill powder can not return to the mill chamber from the fan, so as to improve the efficiency and dust separator.

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We rely on years of experience in grinding mill production, and independently design and develop new vertical roller mill. The appearance of vertical roller mill makes it possible to complete superfine grinding, classification and transportation at one time. Now it has become the equipment of superfine milling industry and widely used in chemical, metallurgy, non-metallic minerals and other industries.

LUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill has many advantages:
1. It uses the principle of vertical abrasive layer grinding to prevent excessive grinding. Moreover, the particle size of the finished product is less than 2 mu m, the particle content is high, up to 70%, and 325 meshes are low residue, and the product is more suitable for separating the finer size products from the two times, thus ensuring the good quality of the finished product.

2. the special design of roll sleeve and lining plate grinding curve makes the mill can be grinding to the required fineness, greatly improve the grinding efficiency, its productivity is ordinary powder equipment 3-6 times.

3. because of the principle of superfine grinding and long powder selection, it can save energy consumption from 30% to 50%.

4. more use of PLC/DCS automatic control of roller pressure control mode, grinding pressure is accurately controlled, saving labor costs.

5. green mining equipment is becoming the development direction of the machinery industry, we has been the development of green products in the core areas, sealing the whole paragraph mill equipment system works under negative pressure, no dust, clean environment, will change your impression of crushing and grinding dusty spot.