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The battle for best browser on Windows is especially close, but we have to pick Google Chrome for its speed, extensibility, and awesome syncing features.
Chrome is the power user’s browser, and it’s easy to see why. Chrome’s biggest strength lies in its speed, its extensibility (and the incredible extension library that comes with it), and its ability to sync everything—including extensions—to your Chrome installations on other computers. Its rapid release cycle is also great, so whenever a new feature is ready for Chrome, you’ll get it right away—no need to wait until the “next big version” that could be months away. It’s constantly improving and giving you more ways to make your workflow easier.
Chrome’s most obvious competition is, Firefox, which kills it in stabilizability but has fallen behind in other areas. Almost all Firefox’s extensions still require a restart of the browser to install, and it still can’t sync them between installations, which seems ludicrous in this day and age.
Opera, while not one of the most popular browsers, has a very dedicated following and it’s easy to see why. Its extension libraries aren’t quite as vast, but it’s pretty customizable, and has a lot of cool, well-integrated tab management features, BitTorrent support, blinding speed, and a turbo mode that’s perfect for slow internet connections. If Firefox and Chrome aren’t doing it for you, Opera’s a breath of fresh air.
Lastly, Internet Explorer is the default browser on most Windows machines, and while it isn’t a fan favorite, it still is the most popular browser in the world. We don’t love it, but it does have a few nice features, like an add-on reporter that tells you which add-nos are bogging down your browser, and it integrates well with the Windows 7 task bar, letting you pin shortcuts to your favorite sites. Most of its new features, though are merely catching up to Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Its integration with Windows still makes it ideal for enterprise situations, but as a home browser we prefer the more feature-filled options.

It is the integration of economic, political, and cultural systems across the globe? Or is it the dominance of developed countries in decision-making, at the expense of poorer, less powerful nations? Is globalization a force for economic growth, prosperity, and democratic freedom? Or is it a force for environmental devastation, exploitation of the developing world, and suppression of human rights? Does globalization only benefit the rich or can the poor take advantage of it to improve their well-being
Heralded as a nail in the coffin of the nuclear debate, NUCLEAR ROULETTE compiles all the reasons why nuclear power must be abandoned as a viable energy choice.
the report includes full exposés on these unsolvable problems:

* Extreme risk of catastrophic accidents, making nuclear energy the most dangerous technology on earth.
* Impossibility of safe radioactive waste storage, which will be life-threatening for hundreds of thousands of years.
* Incredibly expensive, meaning that no company will build a facility without enormous taxpayer subsidies.
* Decades-long production schedules, eliminating nuclear’s efficacy as a short-term solution no long-term solution either.
* Inefficiency, as plants are notoriously unreliable, suffer frequent breakdowns and are often shut down for months at a time.
The Investing in Our Future Act creates such a source by establishing a tiny levy that would generate billions while curbing risky speculation. We urge you to support this initiative at home, and champion a financial speculation tax at the G8/G20.
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Ramadan is the month of fasting for all the Muslims, during Ramadan they have meals twice a day, one before the sunrise called suhoor and the other after the sunsets called Iftar.Ramadan celebrations can be felt among all the Muslims specially the children who learn a lot of religious doings only by viewing their parents. Early in the morning Muslims go to mosque to pray, also before both the meals they recite Ramadan dua’s and thank Allah for all that he has given to them. All these prayers and meals are accompanied by all the family members and the near and dear ones, which include their neighbors and friends.

All of them celebrate Ramadan by having a get together to feel the occasion of Ramadan. Muslims celebrate the month of Ramadan by having delicious home cooked food during the Iftar meals.

After Ramadan Celebrations
Ramadan beginning can only be decided once the crescent moon (hilal) is sighted. When the Crescent moon (hilal) is visible again at the end of the month, it is the time to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr (break the fast). Soon after the Ramadan celebrations there is time for another celebrations of Eid-Ul-Fitr.Muslims celebrate this occasion by wearing new clothes, which they get stitched before hand and visit mosque early in the morning. Men generally wear white clothes whish symbolizes purity. The entire day of Eid-Ul-Fitr is celebrated by Muslims by visiting each other’s houses and having Delicious food, which includes special dishes cooked on this occasion. All of them sit together to have their meal and celebrate Eid by spreading love and happiness all around. Children on this occasion have a real leisure time, when they receive gifts, perks and sweets from all their near and dear ones as a token of love. Every wishes each other by saying Eid Mubarak!

The family forms the basic building block of Muslim society. Despite the many pressures it faces, the family institution remains strong. The future of the extended family, however, is under considerable threat
Female genital mutilation is common among Muslim and non-Muslim women of African origin
Marriage forms the sole basis for sexual relations and parenthood
Islamic law generally discourages the use of contraception, extolling the virtues of large families, but there seems to be a trend toward smaller families
Some social problems such as sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer, and unwanted pregnancies may be mitigated by developing vehicles to strengthen the traditional Muslim family structure
Things are not like they used to be. There is an increasing trickle of Muslims entering nursing homes, and I’ve actually been thinking of opening a home specifically for Muslims.

There are many advantages & disadvantages of using the Internet,
few advantages:
Create Online Discussion Forums
By using applications such as WebBoard, it’s possible to set up online discussion forums on the Web.
Global Audience
Content published on the World Wide Web is immediately available to a global audience of users. This makes the World Wide Web a very cost-effective medium to publish information. Reaching more than 190 countries.
Relatively Inexpensive
Provide Technical Support
Obtain Customer Feedback
Immediate Distribution of Information
Easy Integration with Internal Information Systems
Powerful Content Publishing Tools
The capability to incorporate multimedia into Web pages is a major advantage of using World Wide Web to publish information. For example, many Web sites use sounds and video clips to make the content easier and more interesting to browse.
World Wide Web a richly interactive medium that you can use to distribute information to millions of users.

If your children are in high school and studying for MAJOR exams, then fine, they might have to do some vacation studying/homework. It would be better to have the exams before break so that could enjoy their vacations.
First of all, I hate having to work on vacation- mine or anybody else’s. And, as million of parents so well know, our kids’ homework is family homework, and after months of it, we all need a break. Students need a break from worrying about, avoiding and completing homework, not to mention that they need a break from their parents’ nagging. Parents need a break from worrying, reminding and nagging their kids about homework.