For those who do not know the Construction Waste Crusher industry, to be familiar with some mining equipment, it is probably the way to search the data.However, the authoritative information of the information is not supported by a solid background, and opinions vary widely.As a senior mine equipment practitioner, I will be able to explain the mine equipment to you in the future in accordance with my own personal contact and understanding of the equipment. Today we will introduce one of the equipment: straight-through mill.

Straight through mill, also known as centrifugal direct Construction Waste Crusher. The straight-through centrifugal pulverizer adopts the principle of pressing and pressing in medium speed. The material is free falling from top to bottom, and the grinding roller grinding ring, middle and lower parts of the grinding roller are more and more uniform.Ingenious design makes iron bolt, iron into the grindability materials such as will not cause damage to the machine, and timely to these materials may be grinding discharge machine, to avoid damage to the machine.

In modern society, the more things the more professional segment, in the same way, in general SCM Ultrafine Mill industries such as common building materials, chemical industry, ceramic, will need to use a lot of fine materials such as thermal power, so investors can put business opportunities in the fine material above, therefore, straight through the centrifugal mill series was born.Speaking of fine material, have to mention the development of flour milling industry, the root of the mill can be traced back to the 1850 s, the original is Raymond mill, as the changes of The Times, flour variant more professional, more and more segmentation, coarse grinding, fine grinding and the micro powder grinding meet different actual requirements, in all of the grinder, straight through the centrifugal mill when machine belongs to the star, compared with the traditional mill, the unique internal design greatly reduces the energy loss, but also improves the production efficiency, at the same time, cover an area of an area small can greatly reduce the cost of investors, in fact, it covers an area of only 50% of the Raymond mill.

So where to buy this quality machine? We are a company specializing in the production of flour milling machine manufacturer, ZTM straight through the centrifugal mill is their best selling goods, has been proven in many places, the outstanding performance to make it have a lot of fans, from the feedback of investors learned that just because the machine performance is stable, more thoughtful and professional service will win so many customers, broken mill manufacturers lack in China is the like this always put customer interests as the first spirit.Believe that after the change of the social various, in the near future, through the development of the centrifugal mill will be more humane, more accord with investors to use habits, we will focus on research more convenient mill to adapt to the changes from all walks of life.

With the demand of the Construction Waste Crusher industry, the more and less fineness of the target product, the more and more difficulty in the crushing and classification of the crusher, and its research depth is endless. At this time, the 1250 super – fine grinding mill produced by Shanghai world corporation started the new thinking of mill development, which can achieve the effect of superfine grinding. The following is an interview with technical experts to help you learn more about the company’s latest superfine pulverizer.

What prompted your company to develop a 1,250 superfine shredder? It is our mission to improve Construction Waste Crusher efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The key of ultrafine pulverization is the equipment, so we will develop new ultra-fine pulverizing equipment and its corresponding grading equipment. What is the technology of the 1,250 fine flour processing equipment produced by your company that is different from the existing shredder? Development of multi-function ultra-fine crushing and surface modification equipment. Such as super fine crushing and drying process, ultrafine crushing and surface modification, the combination of mechanical force chemistry combined with super fine crushing technology, can expand the application scope of superfine comminution. It is said that your company’s newly developed 1250 eyes super fine crushing has good crushing effect, do not know that the equipment also needs other supporting equipment? Our company developed the new superfine mill using superfine crushing and classification equipment is combination of closed circuit process, can improve production efficiency and reducing energy consumption, on the basis of qualified product granularity. Although the equipment can crushing effect independently, but we in order to better meet the super fine requirements of customers, production 1250 mesh mill in particular, the combination and 1250 mesh superfine mill, makes the comminution in combination with the most advanced crushing grinding powder production line.

Is there any other type of SCM Ultrafine Mill besides this model? The superfine grinding machines produced by our company and the classification equipment meet the specific material characteristics and product specifications, and the specifications and models are diversified, not only the type of crusher. Above is the author of technical experts of ultrafine pulverizer some interviews, we can see: ultrafine pulverizer is most has the development space is the use of advanced electromechanical integration technology and computer control technology. Although the market competition is very fierce at present, the enterprise can promote the improvement of the overall level of the equipment by grasping the automation technology and strengthening the technological innovation.

Traditional crusher has been plaguing customers and ultrafine mills in Ore Milling Equipment. What are the problems, and what causes it? 1. The finished product is fine or excessive; The solution: the blade of the powder is worn badly, resulting in insufficient air volume, and the choice of powder is poor. The blade should be replaced in time to adjust the fan inlet air volume to solve rough or fine problems. 2. Low powder production; The solution: the blade of the mill is too worn down to shovel the material. Blockage of duct; The leakage of the pipe, the sealing is not good, resulting in the leakage of the finished product. 3. Fan vibration; Solution: the fan is crushed on the blade, or it is worn, causing the fan to run unstable. The anchor bolt loosens, also can cause fan vibration. The solution is to remove the blade or replace the blades directly, and tighten the anchor bolts. 4. Large vibration of main engine noise; The grinding of grinding roller has a severe deformation, which makes the mill run off the original track. The machine is too much for the material. The solution is to adjust the feeding amount to balance the feeding and discharging. 5. The host current rises, the machine temperature rises, the fan current drops; Solution: to excess, the air duct of the machine is clogged with materials, the ventilation and exhaust of the pipe is not free, causing the internal airflow of the machine to be hot, causing the main current, the machine temperature rise high, the fan current down. The feed rate of the solution is to reduce and avoid the air duct accumulated powder, temperature control in under 6 ℃.

The Ultrafine Mill bearing is damaged; Solution: machine broken oil, or sealing ring damaged, lubricating oil effect is reduced, not enough to protect the bearing; The mill maintenance and cleaning are chronically short. So make sure the parts are lubricated on a regular basis. Also should wash regularly, change oil seal. 7. Transmission device and analyzer fuel tank heating; Solution: check the number and viscosity of the oil in accordance with the requirements of the mill. Check the direction of the analyzer. The grinding machine should insist on the maintenance in the normal production, not to wait for the machine fault frequency to think to maintain. The normal maintenance method is to use lubricating oil to strengthen the lubrication effect, effectively reduce the friction between parts, and also reduce the temperature of the grinding machine and prolong the production life.

SCM series micropowder grinding production line characteristics

Among them, the SCM series ultrafine powder mill is our according to the Construction Waste Crusher production experience for many years, absorb the advantage of the grinding machine manufacturers at home and abroad, and after full investigation, research and test of 12 kinds of flour mill and horizontal ring hammer crusher, through research and experiment many times and develop efficient low-cost superfine mill. The product features of ultrafine grinding production line: 1. In the case of the fineness of the finished product and the same power of the motor, the yield of the mill is 40% higher than that of the mill and agitator. 2. The use of vulnerable parts is high. When the material and the finished product are of the same degree of fineness, the service life of the wear parts is longer than that of the impact crusher and the turbine grinder, which can be more than one year. High safety and reliability. Because there is no rolling bearing and no screw in the grinding chamber, there is no problem of bearing and sealing parts. There is no problem of screw loose and damage machine.

Ultrafine Mill installation: 1, the equipment to be installed on the basis of concrete to ensure that the level of concrete foundation, with anchor bolts. 2, to ensure that the host body after the installation and horizontal vertical. 3, check the various parts of the bolt is loose and the door is closed. 4, according to the type of equipment to select the power cord and control switch. 5, according to the completion and a comprehensive inspection, the empty load test, if the normal can be produced.

Ultrafine Mill parts maintenance: 1, the bearing is the key equipment of the machine, the use of the length of time is the key to the use of lubricating oil, so to ensure that the cleaning and sealing of lubricants, the timely replacement of lubricants 2, In the prone to loose parts, to always pay attention to inspection and reinforcement. 3, in the machine running process, to regularly check whether the normal operation of the various components. 4, timely inspection and replacement of wearing parts. 5, the activities of the chassis on the other items, to avoid the machine can not break the material in the need to move when the items can not move and the accident occurred. 6, the bearing oil temperature is too high, it is necessary to immediately check the cause of parking.

The mill strengthens the support of the powder coating

Our Ultrafine Mill can play a vital role in the grinding of the powder coating industry. According to experts, the current domestic and foreign anti-corrosion powder coating used in the curing agent are basically phenolic compounds and epoxy resin addition products, the difference is added phenolic compounds and addition of resin and additives are different The The characteristics of this type of curing agent and epoxy resin has a similar structure, softening point close, good compatibility, fast curing speed, suitable for powder coating hot melt rapid coating process. Relative to the requirements of higher temperature for a long time anti-cathode stripping requirements, generally only two end groups of reactive groups of such curing agent is also difficult to meet the requirements. According to the requirement of anti-high temperature cathodic stripping, some polyfunctional groups are introduced into the molecular structure of the curing agent, so that the crosslinking density of the cured product is improved. In order to eliminate the increase of the stress during the curing process due to the high crosslinking density, Water-based long-fat chain structure to ensure the adhesion. Our company’s products can play a very good role. According to experts, we are specialized in mine crushing machinery, and industrial milling machinery R & D and manufacturing of the backbone enterprises, but also the major domestic gravel, milling machinery production and export base.

What is the dilemma of the Ultrafine Mill where the summer is coming and the production is at high temperatures? Is the Phoenix Nirvana or the status quo, Hot summer, ultra-fine milling opportunities which problems, how to prevent and solve? Our company to solve problems for you. The most common is the ultrafine mill bearing heat, in general, there are many causes of bearing heat, such as prolonged rotation will cause the bearing heat, but the hot summer will make the equipment bearing heat, this time people will think that bearings Fever is a normal thing, this attitude does not attach the equipment will cause damage to the bearing, so in the production process once the bearing heat is expected to timely cooling, to avoid other failures.

Followed by the Raymond Mill plum rack, as the name suggests, is like a plum-like shelf, it is connected to the top of the central axis, roller shaft mounted on it, and the components driven by the host drive and fast rotation, grinding ring fixed, Electromagnetic vibration feeder to the material quantitative, uniform, continuous into the host, in the grinding roller and grinding ring between the grinding effect, although there is no direct participation in the material crushing, but relative to other parts , It can also be said to have played a direct role, for the production, it is very important.

Summer high temperature and rainy characteristics, so Vertical Roller Mill in the course of work, because the air from the lower part of the grinding ring in the tangent direction inhalation, through the grinding roller and grinding ring between the grinding area, plum rack installed with three roller, not only around With the central axis of the revolution, while the roller itself due to friction and rotation. Material temperature is too high, or too much humidity, so that after the friction and the deposition of materials led to plum rack operation is not flexible, seriously affecting the production schedule. It is important to monitor the temperature and humidity of the material. The article mainly introduces the problems of the ultra-fine milling machine in the summer, how to prevent and solve, and analysis of the bearings, plum rack parts in the production of possible failures and causes, we in the actual use of the process, Maintenance and maintenance to be carried out in the end, so as to ensure its smooth production.

But in addition to the weather and long-term operation will cause the bearing heat, there is the bearing in the use of time is too long, the bearing will contain some impurities, will lead to the operation of the bearing is not smooth, will directly cause the bearing heat, Life, and other lubricants too much or too little cause of the bearing heat, these problems need people to pay attention.

Machinery factory is the first condition of mechanical Artificial Sand Making Plant Design manufacturing, it provides machinery manufacturing production sites, providing the necessary equipment, the management and design of its mechanical manufacturing factory energy saving effect is directly related to the mechanical manufacturing industry. So, the scientific machinery manufacturing plant design should be comprehensive products, management, production and other factors, in every link take the necessary energy saving measures, promote the overall mechanical manufacturing to achieve the goal of low consumption of. Process of natural aggregate diameter of coarse crushing processing or artificial aggregate section, generally take direct stope material, its action time should be consistent with the working system of the stope of lumbering, in diameter or coarse crushing (jaw crusher) when the choice, the load coefficient may take 0.65 ~ 0.75; Wash (vibrating screen) and the broken (counterattack crusher), finely (cone crusher) workshop generally use two shifts, the load coefficient of the device should be 0.75 ~ 0.85; Rod mill type sand making machine requires stable product distribution, appropriate USES class three a week in a row, the load coefficient of the device should be 0.85 ~ 0.9.

Typical natural Graphite Powder Making Machine production process: stone processing, screening and grading adjustment, sand washing, compensatory and artificial sand, water use and wastewater treatment; When the natural application of sand content is insufficient, or natural sand grading is not good, can use redundant system sand coarse aggregate supplement or adjust the grading. Type of crusher, should with the ability to deal with physical property, the requirement of the stone crushing, crushing particle size of the product and equipment configuration requirements, the use of impact crusher (sand making machine) and counterattack crusher grain shape is good. Application of crusher is a good helper, sand processing equipment selection so coarse crushing is heaviest in artificial aggregate production equipment, the largest civil engineering quantity, investment process. As the amount of concrete used in the construction of the airport varies greatly from that of concrete in the construction of the hydropower station, there are differences in the specification requirements for the sand and gravel, and the artificial aggregate has not been applied in the construction of the airport field. Therefore, the process design should be reasonable, reliable, adjustable, in order to ensure product quality as the principle, the process design for the three broken, that is broken, broken, crushing. Crushing for open production. In the broken closed loop, in order to adapt to a variety of grading, a variety of mix with the aggregate demand for aggregate changes in the requirements. Crushing for the closed-loop, for the system of sand, stone shaping.

Field plan in the yard when the choice, the first thing to understand the needs of the Largest Fixed Impact Crusher engineering and river cascade planning, material sources on the development of the situation, to identify the building several cascade Shared or regional sand production base, or to build engineering special sand system. In the design of artificial sand aggregate processing system, the general cone crusher main configuration, configuration system sand machine at the same time, two kinds of sand material according to certain proportion and distribution, improve the quality of artificial sand. Primary crusher import size, should be compatible with mining bucket volume of machinery, feed particle size should be greater than 0.85 times of the width of the crusher import. Selected yard of recoverable reserves, in addition to meet the needs of the engineering capacity, should also have a certain margin spare, including the exploration of the possible error and an increase in the amount of need. Refers to a piece of artificial aggregate of semi-finished products (eggs) stone raw materials the product obtained after coarse crushing particle size of the largest general control within the crusher to allow maximum feed particle size. Pay attention to distinguish between artificial sand and natural sand and gravel, reduce the production cost.

VSI sand making machine is also called the efficient vertical shaft impact crusher, our Artificial Sand Making Plant Design company is on the basis of the introduction of Germany advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic manufacturing of sand production, after several technical improvements developed with domestic and international leading level of high efficiency sand making equipment. Compared with domestic similar product VSI sand making machine, higher yield, good grain shape of product, low use cost. This machine is designed for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, building hydroelectric DAMS, concrete mixing station to provide high quality sand aggregate, is a choice in the field of artificial sand and stone plastic equipment.

How to choose the system sand factory house?

Silica Sand Grinding Mill factory house is numerous, the user in choosing a sand making machine should pay attention to the following points. Due to market potential is tremendous, sand making machine is attracted many investors and manufacturers production investment system sand machine, they spend a lot of manpower material resources to promote their products, but those informal manufacturers in order to attract customers and malicious false propaganda, blinded by the customer’s choice, many users in the case of don’t know the product details, hastily concluded that scheme, often as a result of the choose and buy of sand making machine, crusher work output can not reach the expected target yield and product quality, the waste of investment cost, but also to the choose and buy new sand making equipment, the serious delayed the normal production process.

Users in the sand production equipment of choose and buy, the first to examine several manufacturers, at all levels, and to inspect the factory reputation, size, etc., for is the best to the manufacturer’s production workshop visit, factory product quality, production process, as well as the production of the technical level of the maturity and so on. If possible, it is best to let manufacturers take customer to visit them to the customer for the mechanism of sand production equipment on site, for talks in customer site is the most authoritative, the most compelling. Then according to the customer’s own field situation and planning of production to choose appropriate sand making machine equipment, and failure of the equipment during operation if there is a corresponding solution, should be and the manufacturer has a clear after-sales scheme. Finally, with the manufacturer to sign the purchase contract, should carefully read the order contract, such as have defects found should be added in time, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes in after signing the contract.

Should first determine the scale of investment, manufacturers of sand crushers at the market price, site selection, transportation, transportation, etc. To consider the raw material choice. Is a pebble stone as raw materials, or with basalt, as its raw materials need to be according to their own conditions, adjust measures to local conditions. Sure good after the production of raw materials, we need to purchase equipment, design, production line process flow, and installation. This link is one of the biggest investment links, extra careful. Be sure of all you have to produce sand aggregate product requirements, is the coarse material stones, or fine sand, is of high quality sand, or normal, because of different requirements, the choice of equipment is not the same. Such as sand production line and stone production line is different device configuration, according to different requirements of the relevant auxiliary equipment is also different. Off the stones need to use rough broken machine, sand the need of system sand machine. Same rough broken machine contains a lot of kinds of type, sand making machine is divided into various types, so in sand production equipment purchasing this link must be carefully, otherwise it is easy to cause large amounts of additional economic losses.

For silica sand grinding mill, our company main configuration are crushing equipment, feeding equipment, sand making equipment, etc, including crushing equipment generally selected coarse broken jaw crusher, cone crusher, or the second counterattack crusher, feeding equipment in general is vibrating feeder, sand production equipment generally contain silica sand sand making machine, and can be equipped with sand washer according to customer’s actual demand, finally on the whole production line is equipped with some similar machine, screening machine and other auxiliary equipment can be installed and put into production run. The silica sand production line equipment configuration is reasonable, the specific quantity and model should be based on user capability with the actual production.

The working principle of the ball mill

Henan ball mill for ceramics for horizontal cylindrical rotating device, the outer gear transmission, two positions, grate ball mill. Material composed of feeding device through the hollow shaft spiral evenly into the mill first warehouse, the warehouse has ladder plate or corrugated plate, built in different specifications of steel ball, cylinder rotate falling after the ball to a certain height, the centrifugal force is generated on the material and grinding effect. Material after the first storehouse to coarse grinding, by monolayer partition storehouse board into the second warehouse, the warehouse with a flat plate, inside the steel ball, will further grinding materials, powder by unloading Bi board, finish grinding homework. Ball mill structure characteristic: the ball mill by feeding, discharging, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and other major parts. Hollow shaft adopts steel, lined with removable, rotary wheel adopts gear hobbing machining, casting cylinder body with wear resistant lining board, has a good wear resistance. The machine is stable running, reliable work.

Dolomite And Limestone Mill type, although different, but in general, the material in the process of grinding crushed the basic principle of which is similar. In short, when the ball mill as a rotary motion to a certain speed, load cylinder inside the steel ball (bar) or ore (gravel), such as grinding medium, in the cylinder liner and the friction between the grinding medium, the gravity of the grinding media, and the result of the rotating ball mill in under the action of centrifugal force, a rotating cylinder as the upward movement, was promoted to a certain height, and then when the gravity of the grinding media (which is actually the radial component force of gravity) is equal to or greater than the centrifugal force, started from the cylinder wall, according to a landing trajectory. This cycle of movement, creates a continuous impact and grinding effect, to crush material.

Strives for the survival by the quality is the work of many corporate slogan, our concrete crusher south africa company continuously towards quality development. Further strengthen confidence, solid work, promote the development of enterprise management to realize new breakthrough, the equipment manufacturing industry to speed up the development. To continuously enhance the independent innovation ability. In the aspect of independent innovation, and strive to do basic work. Should be based on market demand and the production practice, and further increase the intensity of independent innovation, while strengthening technological introduction and digestion and absorption, greater efforts to strengthen the key technology, cutting-edge technology, development and application of self-independence of cutting-edge technology and key technology industrialization as soon as possible, strengthening technological innovation’s ability to support industrial development. With the continuous development of China’s infrastructure, building demolition, construction waste crushing and processing can be seen everywhere, our company according to the different materials of different concrete characteristics, the development and production of concrete crusher is discarded concrete as the raw material crushing equipment, widely used in metallurgical industry, building industry, road construction and other industries, especially for the concrete in the construction waste crushing, crushing equipment production is big, smooth operation.

Concrete crusher price

Usually what we call the concrete is to cement, sand, stone and water in a certain proportion of mixed cement concrete, is a kind of very strong material, the durability in the civil engineering industry application is very extensive, now appeared on the market a lot of broken Concrete Crusher For Sale, the customer at the time of choice is very confused, don’t know how to choose, our company’s production of broken concrete crusher of concrete crushing effect is very significant, not only improve the crushing efficiency of equipment, but also improves the economic benefits of customers as a whole, is very good. Our company produces the concrete crusher not only quality is good and the price is very low, because our company belongs to the manufacturer direct selling enterprises, sales of equipment manufacturers are direct communication with customers, without having to use intermediaries to sell equipment, the corresponding equipment price than middlemen selling price is much lower, the other reason is that our company’s sales model is always the meager profit but high turnover, which not only can attract more customers, but also can improve enterprise’s popularity, let the customer know more about us. In addition to the above, our company will from time to time also some promotions, concrete crusher must be purchased in the promotion price is much lower than they did before the promotion, the so-called promotion very cost-effective for customers, so the price of the equipment corresponding will be very low.

For the price of the used portable concrete crusher, is closely related to size and actually, type a big certainly smaller than model price to you. The price of the equipment is also related to many other factors, such as the cost of production, the production cost of general henan region than Shanghai factory production cost is lower, so the same equipment in henan factory of choose and buy more conducive to investors. Government policy, also is closely related to the market also necessary, because over the years for the treatment of waste concrete government support, so this kind of cement concrete crusher equipment is very popular with the market, so the price is not a big drop, should maintain stable, investors can rest assured the choose and buy, in a short time can’t buy at a loss. The price of specific online consultation and manufacturer. It is important to note that for large waste cement concrete processing, some of the user’s choice of mobile construction waste treatment station, of the equipment is a lot more expensive than usual.

máy nghiền kẹp hàm được gọi là “hàm bị hỏng, phân đoạn bảng nghiền xi măng là công ty của tôi trong những kinh nghiệm thành công của các sản phẩm tương tự trong và ngoài nước, nghiên cứu ra một hiệu quả cao, tiết kiệm năng lượng của thiết bị nghiền. Các máy nghiền hàm lớn và vừa là một trong những bàn tay của chúng tôi sản phẩm, đặc biệt là về thiết kế và sản xuất máy nghiền hàm lớn, đang trong độ hàng đầu tuyệt đối trong và ngoài nước. chủ yếu dùng cho kích thước vừa nghiền các loại quặng và vật liệu lớn, có thể bị phá vỡ nguyên cường độ nén là không quá 320 mpa , các điểm thô bị phá vỡ và tinh chia hai loại. Đây là loạt các sản phẩm được hoàn thành trong thông số kỹ thuật, các chi tiết thức ăn chăn nuôi là 125 mm đến 750 mm, là thiết bị nghiền chính được ưu tiên. máy nghiền kẹp hàm (hàm bị hỏng) được sử dụng rộng rãi trong khai thác mỏ, luyện kim, vật liệu xây dựng, đường cao tốc, đường sắt, thuỷ lợi và công nghiệp hóa chất, vv

tốc độ phát triển công nghiệp, do đó, mỗi nhà sản xuất lớn cho ngành công nghiệp sản xuất máy nghiền quặng mangan móc thiết bị trong lĩnh vực nghiên cứu và phát triển cũng đang củng cố, Oriental ngành công nghiệp nặng là một công ty chuyên sản xuất chất lượng cao sản xuất thiết bị chế biến khoáng sản, trong quá trình phát triển liên tục thông qua phát triển sản phẩm, sản xuất và mô hình kinh doanh tích hợp bán hàng, có một sự phát triển sản phẩm và năng lực sản xuất mạnh mẽ, phát triển và sản xuất một đáp ứng nhu cầu phát triển công nghiệp hiện đại của thiết bị chế biến khoáng sản.

Vật liệu sẽ được đưa từ máy sấy ống quay thức ăn đầu vào, búa không gian làm việc, ảnh hưởng bởi tốc độ cao xoay búa và bị hỏng, đồng thời, các tài liệu và trên tấm lưng trong một vụ tai nạn tốc độ cao hơn nữa bị phá vỡ, và từ phía sau tấm trở lại không gian làm việc búa, tiếp tục lặp lại quá trình nghiền, cuối cùng đi vào khu vực búa (giữa búa và khí bài viết workspace), hơn nữa trên thanh khí bằng búa búa và hiệu quả nghiền. Thực tế đã chứng minh rằng các tài liệu không phải là trong một chu kỳ của các cánh quạt bị hỏng hoàn toàn, nhưng để hoàn toàn bị phá vỡ được đưa ra sau nhiều chu kỳ. vật liệu lớn có thể trong quá trình tác động đã không bị phá vỡ hoàn toàn. Có thể thông qua các tấm lại và tấm búa, ép con lăn giữa vai trò đã được thử nghiệm thực tế (trong trường hợp không khí bài viết, kích thước hạt sản phẩm lớn nhất không vượt quá các tấm búa và tấm kích thước khoảng cách trở lại).

Hàm giá máy nghiền gắn kiến ​​thức kỹ thuật

Đầu tiên, trước khi bạn bắt đầu, chú ý đến sức khỏe của các rack, công việc này không phải là một lựa chọn, bởi vì bụi ảnh hưởng đến việc tập thể của dầu bôi trơn, ổn định và khối lượng công việc. Vì vậy, để có một hàm bị hỏng là khả năng làm việc hiệu quả, đầu tiên chúng ta phải rõ ràng cơ thể rất nhiều bụi. Trong hoạt động, cơ thể có thể thể hiện tất cả các phản ứng hàm làm việc xấu hay xấu bị hỏng. lắc cơ thể mạnh mẽ để dừng lại để kiểm tra ngay lập tức, để không tiếp tục với công việc của họ, sẽ sản xuất hại lớn hơn. Cuối cùng, hàm cơ thể nghiền tách, sau đó, để bảo vệ kịp thời. Tất cả các cấu trúc của các rack phải đảm bảo nguyên vẹn. Trong thiết kế của máy nghiền hàm rack, đảm bảo việc thiết kế cấu trúc khung là hợp lý, nếu cơ cấu chưa hợp lý, không chỉ minh họa cho hiệu suất là không tốt, nhưng cũng làm tăng trọng lượng của các rack; ở khung thời ngoài việc đáp ứng nhu cầu hoạt động của bên ngoài , mà còn xem xét các yêu cầu xuất hiện. Về cơ cấu bên ngoài khung đó là chúng ta không nên bỏ qua việc theo đuổi một chiều của vẻ đẹp và sức mạnh của vấn đề, chúng ta không thể nhắm mắt làm tăng cường sức mạnh khung xe, hàng đầu máy nghiền trọng lượng máy tăng chất thải.