Currently the most commonly used is the cement rotary dryer, its structure and properties of yield and quality, thermal efficiency is very prominent influence, let’s focus on the interview from rotary dryer cylinder aspect ratio, speed, and lifting plate tripartite On some of the issues related to the structural performance rotary dryer.

First, the rotary dryer cylinder aspect ratio

At present, the commonly used rotary dryer simplified aspect ratio is generally between 5 to 8. Rotary dryer drying aspect ratio on the yield portable jaw crusher plant and quality of materials, thermal efficiency has a great influence. When a certain tilt angle of the rotary dryer, speed, flow rate, lifting plate structure, residence time in the rotary dryer cylinder body depends mainly on the English aspect ratio.

First Water and its properties

Material dried to the desired final moisture required length of stay and the material such as plastic, particle size is too small and so on. Beginning of the rainy season in the south higher moisture material, especially for some of the larger plastic clay, using the rotary dryer, the residence time is shorter. Or that material deviation from the final moisture; or have to reduce production and increase the flue gas temperature, flue gas to reduce the moisture content to ensure quality. This is not just the problem of declining production, but also led to a reduction in thermal efficiency. Because the material is too small, the average fill rate is too low material rotary dryer, rotary dryer will inevitably lead to the thermal efficiency decreases.

appropriate to increase the aspect ratio of the rotary dryer to extend the material in the rotary dryer residence time for drying moisture, plasticity and larger particle size material is advantageous. Practice has proved that this method helps to improve yield and quality, while coal consumption decreased, the thermal efficiency also improved.

Second, the speed

rotary dryer speed is generally 3 to 5 rev / min, the current domestic widespread use of a single speed rotary dryer, from the actual production situation, its ability to adapt is not strong enough.

Initial moisture difference

different periods of the same type of material is quite large, 14 and the different nature of different types of materials require different residence times during drying. For a rotary dryer, its aspect ratio, angle of inclination, lifting plate structure is fixed, if the speed becomes adjustable, it can adjust the residence time within a certain range. Materials such as spring water large, especially drying clay, due slow speed and extend the material stays in the rotary dryer to ask, will help to ensure production quality. From another perspective, the different types of materials require different speed in order to achieve better lifting height and adequate residence time, and the speed of rotation bake thousands of machines are doing so can be adjusted to provide favorable conditions.

Third, the lifting plate

lifting plate raised material, flue gas heat contact with the material more fully, in order to achieve better drying purposes. The lifting plate size, shape and arrangement of the yield and quality of rotary dryer thermal efficiency have a greater impact.


rotary dryer lifting plate is arranged copied plate, cell feeder Yang et al., The former is more commonly used, copied plate lifting plate there are common straight plate, curved bevel plate, right angle plate several. In general, a rotary dryer uses only one form of lifting plate. Various forms of lifting plate has its own characteristics. Ease thrown straight plate material, suitable for high water, more viscous material; bevel right angle bending and bending due to the curved portion is used for low moisture, looser material.

We believe rotary dryer lifting plate structure and layout to make some improvements, the effect will be better.

First, in the preheating zone near the feed end of the rotary dryer, the material moisture is higher, the larger viscosity, straight plate lifting plate is more appropriate, easy to dump material. Later, material moisture decreases, also decreases the viscosity, using a plate or bevel right angle bend the plate more appropriate, particularly in the constant drying section, strengthen the contact material with the hot flue gas to enhance heat transfer gas-solid phase mASS. This mtw molino trapezoidal compared to using the same form of more favorable lifting plate, better strengths.

In addition, the lifting plate arrangement should not be forced back and forth the entire agreement rotary dryer. The material in the rotary dryer rhyme warm-up phase and constant drying stage, lifting should be strengthened, increasing the contact area with the material of the flue gas, which can increase the drying rate. Lifting plate arrangement is advantageous to appropriate more dense. In the rotary dryer section after that falling rate drying stage, the drying rate of the material depends on the rate of migration of moisture in the material to the Department, the material has a lower moisture at this stage, looser, will inevitably produce a strong lifting large group dust, adding to the burden of collecting equipment, falling rate drying stage behind the war, especially in the vicinity of the discharge end, lifting plate may be appropriate to arrange the evacuation of some.

Jaw crusher equipment in mining, construction and other industries have a more widely used, but a lot of customers in the course of jaw crusher equipment will encounter larger equipment vibration, This will not only cause greater noise also It will affect the work efficiency to a certain extent. So in the face of such a situation when we have to do the damping jaw crusher work, how to do what we have to look at it together and grinding machine manufacturers Heavy Industries.The first and most common mtw molino trapezoidal method is to take shock lm vertical grinding mills measures, crusher equipment placed as far as possible if the plane had to be placed in the floor, isolation and stone crusher machine for sale south africa response measures to be taken.Secondly, when the crusher should pay attention to add material exceeds a predetermined size or not can not be broken material into the crusher equipment, crusher workload so aggravating, damaged parts of the device, but also cause noise and vibration.Another is to pay attention to the daily work using a jaw crusher maintenance and repair, the discovery of small problems to deal with in a timely manner without delay. Do not let the small problems become big failure.Article ‘What damping jaw crusher work should be adopted? ‘From Heavy jaw crusher manufacturers, reproduced please indicate the source:

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separator device when not in use 6 we need to do a lot of things, not just the problem of our equipment, there will be a problem in a specific use, a problem is not terrible terrible is a roller crusher for sand making problem, we can not find the problem , this is our biggest problem, in our specific use, as we all know, we usually are mobile stone crusher machine very concerned about this, of course in the future will be, we know that our ultimate goal is to make our development more magnetic separator good: the specific use, we need to do is to carry out a transformation of magnetic separator maintenance is an important task we need to do, if we want to use the good must follow these principles, many times we need careful examination, protection is good our top priority, and we do that there is an important prerequisite is to install our magnetic separator equipment, installation is operated at the time of installation we want to facilitate our user’s actions, so is our right choice and we hope we can do in accordance with our procedures, to complete our goal. in fact, the use of magnetic separator is not so easy, in our specific use, we also know that we need is such a rule, we also hope that our we can follow to achieve our goals, the more you can visit our website,

For silica sand grinding mill, our company main configuration are crushing equipment, feeding equipment, sand making equipment, etc, including crushing equipment generally selected coarse broken jaw crusher, cone crusher, or the second counterattack crusher, feeding equipment in general is vibrating feeder, sand production equipment generally contain silica sand sand making machine, and can be equipped with sand washer according to customer’s actual demand, finally on the whole production line is equipped with some similar machine, screening machine and other auxiliary equipment can be installed and put into production run. The silica sand production line equipment configuration is reasonable, the specific quantity and model should be based on user capability with the actual production.

The working principle of the ball mill

Henan ball mill for ceramics for horizontal cylindrical rotating device, the outer gear transmission, two positions, grate ball mill. Material composed of feeding device through the hollow shaft spiral evenly into the mill first warehouse, the warehouse has ladder plate or corrugated plate, built in different specifications of steel ball, cylinder rotate falling after the ball to a certain height, the centrifugal force is generated on the material and grinding effect. Material after the first storehouse to coarse grinding, by monolayer partition storehouse board into the second warehouse, the warehouse with a flat plate, inside the steel ball, will further grinding materials, powder by unloading Bi board, finish grinding homework. Ball mill structure characteristic: the ball mill by feeding, discharging, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and other major parts. Hollow shaft adopts steel, lined with removable, rotary wheel adopts gear hobbing machining, casting cylinder body with wear resistant lining board, has a good wear resistance. The machine is stable running, reliable work.

Dolomite And Limestone Mill type, although different, but in general, the material in the process of grinding crushed the basic principle of which is similar. In short, when the ball mill as a rotary motion to a certain speed, load cylinder inside the steel ball (bar) or ore (gravel), such as grinding medium, in the cylinder liner and the friction between the grinding medium, the gravity of the grinding media, and the result of the rotating ball mill in under the action of centrifugal force, a rotating cylinder as the upward movement, was promoted to a certain height, and then when the gravity of the grinding media (which is actually the radial component force of gravity) is equal to or greater than the centrifugal force, started from the cylinder wall, according to a landing trajectory. This cycle of movement, creates a continuous impact and grinding effect, to crush material.

Motor feeder is more extensive use of the device, has a more excellent performance, it is a low noise, high efficiency vibration equipment, relying on this feature has won many users. Just as electromagnetic vibrating feeder is by the electromagnetic vibratory feeder and chute two parts, like the motor feeder also by the vibration motor and a feed trough of two parts. As feeding equipment, widely used in processing of raw materials, with material preparation and feeding pool heaters and other processes. Rear chute equipped with vibration motor, the power source can dig into one dynamic source of electric rotary vibration source. Exciting and strong and stable, exciting force can be adjusted steplessly. Eccentric vibration motor is made of special motor and can adjust the angle of the two installed at both ends of the shaft, mtw molino trapezoidal plus single toggle jaw crusher two shields closed composition. Vibrating motor itself with the feet. After power generated by the motor vibration exciting force, vibration because of their drive lm vertical grinding mills for reciprocating feed trough to trough material particles under the action of the exciting force, intermittently forward as parabolic movement, due to the higher vibration frequencies, It appears to be a continuous movement, vibration material in constant motion to remove the slot.

Mine shaker (vibration sieve) sieve box is relying on two vibration motors do rotate synchronously in opposite directions, do the screening machine vibration feeder, the material from falling into the feed end of the screen box, running quickly. The material for a loose, transparent screen to complete the screening work.Since the Mine shaker mainly used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical industry, mining industry, the most widely used of which is the concentrator commonly used screening machinery. If we want to extend the life of mine shaker, must 10 always be used if we only know to make equipment manufacturing value to us, never knew they care, but do not know the maintenance, so roller crusher for sand making we will be on our equipment have opinions , it will not work properly, the following occurs:1, the shaker screen damaged too fast.2, the material feeding problems.3, shaker not normal movement.4, if it is liquid screening, there will be a strong impact best to install the hopper or buffer.5, material buildup.6, uneven material feed.To make the device to us to create greater value, so we usually have to constantly maintain mine shaker (vibrating screen), so as to bring more value to us.If you encounter other problems, please polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher contact:

ball polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher before we need to better understand the use, mainly because we want to understand lm vertical grinding mills our ball mill grinding media, why do you say that, we understand the only ball mill grinding media, so whether we are in the development or operation It brought us greater benefits, and hope that we can bring us a certain effect: Let us work together under analysis, on a ball mill grinding media, we use a ball mill, for we are not familiar with the ball, in fact, ball grinding is a very large role to play, and the direction of our movement is that we need to control the ball good, if not better control and regulation, even if we use, then we would not have good results for many years we are all around this to develop our mill equipment, in which we have been in a lot of experiments, in which we test for ball filling rate is improved, but we are not able to achieve the most satisfactory effect, we all understand the future, it is to make the final effort on our ball mill, and hope that we can develop a better ball, and ultimately achieve our goal. Understand the device is very important, not just our mill equipment, we are on the other parts they need a understand, only know how serious our understanding, so as to achieve our goal, hope we can white stone quarry crusher do, More

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Strives for the survival by the quality is the work of many corporate slogan, our concrete crusher south africa company continuously towards quality development. Further strengthen confidence, solid work, promote the development of enterprise management to realize new breakthrough, the equipment manufacturing industry to speed up the development. To continuously enhance the independent innovation ability. In the aspect of independent innovation, and strive to do basic work. Should be based on market demand and the production practice, and further increase the intensity of independent innovation, while strengthening technological introduction and digestion and absorption, greater efforts to strengthen the key technology, cutting-edge technology, development and application of self-independence of cutting-edge technology and key technology industrialization as soon as possible, strengthening technological innovation’s ability to support industrial development. With the continuous development of China’s infrastructure, building demolition, construction waste crushing and processing can be seen everywhere, our company according to the different materials of different concrete characteristics, the development and production of concrete crusher is discarded concrete as the raw material crushing equipment, widely used in metallurgical industry, building industry, road construction and other industries, especially for the concrete in the construction waste crushing, crushing equipment production is big, smooth operation.

Concrete crusher price

Usually what we call the concrete is to cement, sand, stone and water in a certain proportion of mixed cement concrete, is a kind of very strong material, the durability in the civil engineering industry application is very extensive, now appeared on the market a lot of broken Concrete Crusher For Sale, the customer at the time of choice is very confused, don’t know how to choose, our company’s production of broken concrete crusher of concrete crushing effect is very significant, not only improve the crushing efficiency of equipment, but also improves the economic benefits of customers as a whole, is very good. Our company produces the concrete crusher not only quality is good and the price is very low, because our company belongs to the manufacturer direct selling enterprises, sales of equipment manufacturers are direct communication with customers, without having to use intermediaries to sell equipment, the corresponding equipment price than middlemen selling price is much lower, the other reason is that our company’s sales model is always the meager profit but high turnover, which not only can attract more customers, but also can improve enterprise’s popularity, let the customer know more about us. In addition to the above, our company will from time to time also some promotions, concrete crusher must be purchased in the promotion price is much lower than they did before the promotion, the so-called promotion very cost-effective for customers, so the price of the equipment corresponding will be very low.

For the price of the used portable concrete crusher, is closely related to size and actually, type a big certainly smaller than model price to you. The price of the equipment is also related to many other factors, such as the cost of production, the production cost of general henan region than Shanghai factory production cost is lower, so the same equipment in henan factory of choose and buy more conducive to investors. Government policy, also is closely related to the market also necessary, because over the years for the treatment of waste concrete government support, so this kind of cement concrete crusher equipment is very popular with the market, so the price is not a big drop, should maintain stable, investors can rest assured the choose and buy, in a short time can’t buy at a loss. The price of specific online consultation and manufacturer. It is important to note that for large waste cement concrete processing, some of the user’s choice of mobile construction waste treatment station, of the equipment is a lot more expensive than usual.