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Sand making machine is a kind of special mechanical equipment for building sand and stone. Sand making machine can break all kinds of hard rock, metal and nonmetal ore into sand and stone in accordance with construction. It can also use a variety of hard rock such as rock, granite broken into line with the construction of sand.

The sand particles produced by this equipment are even and the compressive strength is higher than that of natural sand and gravel, which is more in line with the standard of construction sand. Improve building quality. Sand making machine has the advantages of novel structure, stable operation, strong crushing capacity, high crushing ratio, high production capacity, equipment, reasonable design, crushing product size, uniform density, production process, equipment of the special structure of the fuselage made no wear, long service life, wearing parts of high wear-resistant material.

The working principle of sand making machine roughly the same material from the upper part of the machine into the vertical high-speed rotating impeller in high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella in the form of flow around the impeller material to produce high speed impact crushing, material impact upon each other, and between the impeller and the casing lining material form the vortex repeatedly impact, friction and grinding, direct discharge from the bottom, forming a closed loop many times, screening equipment controlled by the desired product size.

With the development of the times, the strong drive in the global city to speed up the process under the sand industry gained rapid development, especially in the last ten years, with the pace of infrastructure construction continues to accelerate, aggregate demand is the need to grow with each passing day, sand making machine of high energy to meet a large number of buildings sand demand. Here we will introduce a high-performance sand making machine.

High performance sand making machine is the foundation of development, development, production of mining machinery in years, absorb the advanced technology development of similar products at home and abroad with the international advanced level of a new generation of energy-saving and efficient crusher, its performance in various ore crushing equipment plays an irreplaceable role.

The high efficiency sand making machine mainly consists of rotor, lining board and hammer head. It uses the high speed rotation of the rotor to realize the crushing of the material. The material falls directly into the high-speed rotating impeller from the feed port, and the material impacts on the lining plate and the plate hammer at the high speed of centrifugal force, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing.

The structure of vsi sand making machine is simple and reasonable, since the hammer crusher, has a unique bearing installed with advanced spindle design, the machine has the heavy load and high-speed characteristics; and has finely, coarse grinding function; influence of moisture content is small, so it is widely used in highway, railway, bridge etc..

Ultrafine Mill installation: 1, the equipment to be installed on the basis of concrete to ensure that the level of concrete foundation, with anchor bolts. 2, to ensure that the host body after the installation and horizontal vertical. 3, check the various parts of the bolt is loose and the door is closed. 4, according to the type of equipment to select the power cord and control switch. 5, according to the completion and a comprehensive inspection, the empty load test, if the normal can be produced.

Ultrafine Mill parts maintenance: 1, the bearing is the key equipment of the machine, the use of the length of time is the key to the use of lubricating oil, so to ensure that the cleaning and sealing of lubricants, the timely replacement of lubricants 2, In the prone to loose parts, to always pay attention to inspection and reinforcement. 3, in the machine running process, to regularly check whether the normal operation of the various components. 4, timely inspection and replacement of wearing parts. 5, the activities of the chassis on the other items, to avoid the machine can not break the material in the need to move when the items can not move and the accident occurred. 6, the bearing oil temperature is too high, it is necessary to immediately check the cause of parking.

The mill strengthens the support of the powder coating

Our Ultrafine Mill can play a vital role in the grinding of the powder coating industry. According to experts, the current domestic and foreign anti-corrosion powder coating used in the curing agent are basically phenolic compounds and epoxy resin addition products, the difference is added phenolic compounds and addition of resin and additives are different The The characteristics of this type of curing agent and epoxy resin has a similar structure, softening point close, good compatibility, fast curing speed, suitable for powder coating hot melt rapid coating process. Relative to the requirements of higher temperature for a long time anti-cathode stripping requirements, generally only two end groups of reactive groups of such curing agent is also difficult to meet the requirements. According to the requirement of anti-high temperature cathodic stripping, some polyfunctional groups are introduced into the molecular structure of the curing agent, so that the crosslinking density of the cured product is improved. In order to eliminate the increase of the stress during the curing process due to the high crosslinking density, Water-based long-fat chain structure to ensure the adhesion. Our company’s products can play a very good role. According to experts, we are specialized in mine crushing machinery, and industrial milling machinery R & D and manufacturing of the backbone enterprises, but also the major domestic gravel, milling machinery production and export base.